“Life and Death are the most important thing until…”

Notice, thou shalt not kill is not the one and only commandment, nor is it the first one.  See, life is wonderful. And death is inevitable.  Matters of life and death are largely beyond our control.  And so it doesn’t make much sense to spend one’s life worrying about when one is going to die or fearing death – what a futile effort!   Alas, until you’ve discovered God, life and death might very well be the most important thing to you.

Until you know God, until you discover Faith and are aware of the Eternal, you’ll probably value your individual, small self life and physical body more than anything else.  You’ll live in a dog-eat-dog world, us vs. them, where you’re concerned about safety and security.

A beautiful shift happens when you awaken to God and to your Eternal Nature, and you realize that you are safe no matter what, and secure no matter what.  You embrace life and death as guarantees, and realize there is much more to Life than the survival of your single physical human body.  Much more to Life!

Discovering God, you realize the greatest joy in life comes from humbly serving God and giving to the whole.  Living for survival is just silliness, and instead you live for actualization and fulfillment.  You live to give!  Because you’ve been given Life, are currently here in human form, and will surely live on beyond.  So why concern yourself with such petty concerns of the physical body?  Surely the Power that created the entire universe will also take care of the very small, nearly microscopic “you” :-)

The realization of many saints and sages is that perpetuating physical life doesn’t matter so much as awakening to spiritual life.  It’s been said that the gift of food and water is nothing compared to the gift of faith.  It’s like, oh great you gave a non-believer food and water so they will continue to live an existence riddled with fear and worry. Much better to give a non-believer the gift of faith so that they may live a full, fearless life and do wonderful work in the world.  The gift of faith…ahh, such a gift :-)

Once you have faith, human life is realized as an incredible gift, yet it is not something you cling to.  You are free from attachment to the body.  Sometimes, maybe not, the ego can sneak in, yet overall, (think of those times in the morning and evening when you’re in prayer and you’re in a state of complete knowingness of that which goes beyond human life), you’re aware of God, and being aware of God, you realize that things in this world don’t really matter that much.  Life is fun and meant to be enjoyed, yet there’s a freedom from the outcome.  With an awareness of Eternity, you begin enjoying the process.  The Gita describes this as renouncing the fruits of your labor.

Life matters most until you realize that it doesn’t.  And then God matters most.  The fear of death drops of away, because you not only embrace the inevitability of death of the physical body, but you also realize the eternity of God and understand that living for God and Higher Ideals/Values is the way to a fulfilling, whole life.  Living for survival of the physical body only gets you so far, but living for abundantizing the world and the spirit, there you have a lifelong process and beyond!

What’s the point of living to live longer if you’re ignoring the eternal part of yourself?  Without ever listening to the voice of God or the calling of your Soul, even if you “believe,” you’ll probably live one of those lives of “quiet desperation.”

Ultimately, the major gift that accompanies faith and awareness of God is the assurance that you are free to do what you love!  Death is something that happens, it’s not something to fear.  And nothing’s so important as your relationship with the Present Moment, which is where God and will always be with you.

So, by all means, aware of God, experience that Peace that Passeth Understanding.  Or experience whatever you desire!  When your aligned with God, awake to Goodness, whatever your desires are…they’re kind of like God’s desires.  So go for it :-)  Ask and you shall receive.

Foundational Quotes

“Perfect love casts out fear.”

“As you believeth in your heart, so shall it be done unto you.”

“Purify Consciousness.”

“Co-create Heaven on Earth.”

“Reality is 100% on my side.”

“Something wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

“I am responsible.”

“Thoughts create reality.”

“Think and grow rich.”

“Success is the progressive realization of your worthy ideal.”

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.”

“The best things in life are free.”

“Sin is unskilled behavior.”

“We are One.” “He lives in you.”

“Why can angels fly? because they take themselves lightly.”

“What’s Rule Number 6?” “Stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously.”  “What are the other rules?” “There are none.”

Renounce and Enjoy

Breathe, Smile, and Go Slowly.

Ask and you shall receive.

Store up treasures in Heaven.

Become Zero. Channel Kundalini.

Flow effortlessly like water.

The universe is alive, conscious, and intelligence.

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”

Focus and create.

Give attention to what you want to experience more of.

Fast so that you can feast.

Co-create a more compassionate world.

Intend to perceive reality accurately.

I am more than this physical body – I am consciousness! :-)

Laugh.  The one who laughs is in the right.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

“Perception is reality.”

“Go-give.”  Enlightened Self-Interest is giving.  What can I give?

Love God. Love Thy neighbor as thyself.

Know Thyself. Scito te ipsum.

Pray unceasingly.  Be thankful in all circumstances.

Be cheerful for I have overcome the world.

I want to feel good!  In the business of feeling good :-)

Sing. Dance. Laugh.

Infinite Goodness.  Cosmic Consciousness.

All is Miracle.  Beauty in All.




Let it be.

Everything for God.

Here and Now.

Live consciously.

Accepting, Enjoying…Enthusiasm!

If not now, when?

Unconditional Love is Unconditional Forgiveness.

Good Lord, show me the way!

The Body is a temple.

Listen to the heart.

Open Body, Open Mind, Open Heart, Spirit Shine!

Inquire, “Who am I know?” Know the Self and be free!

Help us to be ever mindful of our blessings.

They live in wisdom who see the Self in all and all in them.

To thine own self be true

Every thought is prayer.

Be a humble little bee.

Store up treasures in Heaven.

Serve the Summum Bonum

Wu Wei.

Realizing Unity and Oneness.

Fearless and Free.

Reverence for Life. Reverence for Spirit.

Enlightenment. Empowerment. Liberation!

Detach the mind from the body, attach it to the Lord :-)

Good Vibrations!

Power > Force. Life supports Life!  Purity of Purpose is all

“Be the change you want to see in the world.

“You’ve got to start with yourself.”  Take a look at yourself and make the change!

Creativity.  Kindness. Love. Beauty. Expansion. Abundance. Receptiveness.

Learn. Grow. Evolve!


The Higher Perspective…all for good :-)

All great lives include a great renunciation.

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.

Peace is Every Step. It turns the endless path to Joy.

The shining red sun is my heart.

One, Universal Family.

Consciousness. Awareneness.  The Universe!  The Most High!  Infinite Intelligence

The Cosmic Mirror

Lovingly accept.

Judge not, lest ye be not judge.

Be Perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.

Thy Will be Done!

“All you have to do is desire it.”

Buddhahood.  Buddha-Nature.

Look Within.

Unable to govern events, I govern myself.  I turn my gaze inward.


To be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic!


All you will ever need for fulfillment in life is awareness.

Contribution.  Go-give.  Serve humble.

The only thing you can do with your life is give it away.

You can only give what you have.

I feel vigorous!

Light and Love.

Persistence works.  Clarity is key.

What do you want? Write it down.

I will get what I want by helping others get what they want.

Consider the long-term.  Prepare for Heaven :-)

Namaste: I see the Divine in you.

I love you and I am grateful for you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There are no great acts, only small acts done with great love.


Believe and achieve.

In the Sacred Presence of the Beloved, the Holy One, the Most High, the Lord!

All is Good.  All is Holy.  All Divine, All Sacred. All Wonderful!  All Beautiful.

Freedom.  Oneness.

Look for the Good.  Affirm the best.

All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough.

You can live by listening.

Purify! Purify! Purify!  Holiness.

With lightness, joy, and ease.

One with the Eternal.

so grateful for this abundance!!!

Every thought counts.

Thank you :-)

Twas a stream of consciousness of some of the most powerful ideas for me that i think will help me give away the rest of my books / journals and be free from that :-)  i figure if the best of it is online…then i can give away all that physical stuff!  As much as i love it, would be really cool to live without any stuff for a little bit, just to see what that’s like…which reminds me….

Experience is the mother of all wisdom!  and…

never stop exploring!

Peace, Peace, Peace

and Love :-)

and gratitude!!!


What is Holiness?


But what is wholeness?

To live a whole life means living a life in which you are conscious each moment and aligning your thoughts and actions to do what you believe is good.

A whole life is a life in which you wish not even one single moment of your day to remain hidden.

A whole life is one that you’d willingly share entirely with the rest of the world. Living a whole life, you’d be comfortable if it was all recorded and watched by millions of people around the world. Even better, you’d rejoice if your whole life was watched by millions of people around the world, because you believe you are doing good work all the time and living in a way which is universal, pure, and good for everyone and everything.

A whole life means you’re always on! You are always awake, alive, and up and at ‘em! Now, you can actually sleep living a whole life, but even sleep becomes deliberate. You go to sleep and arise from sleep both as part of fulfilling your mission. Even your rest is purposeful and intentional and dedicated.

Generally, a whole life is when every activity of yours throughout the day is consciously aligned with fulfilling your mission. A holy life is when every activity throughout your day is consciously aligned with fulfilling God’s mission. :-)

And you don’t have to freak out thinking, “How am I ever suppose to know God’s mission?” Safe to say, if you’re pursuing something that is good for everyone and everything, as far as you know, then God’s on your side. And even if you’re not, God is always on your side.

Sometimes when I ask God, “What do you want me to do?” or “What do you want me to focus on?” The answer I hear is, “Whatever you want.” In so many ways, God wants what we want. Especially when we are aligned with our heart, our soul, love, purity, the highest good, the highest that is in us, – when we are aligned with basic goodness – that’s when we’re connected to the Higher Will.

Also, if you’re ever concerned that you might be doing something “bad,” you can pretty much never go wrong with the following activities:
Sitting, Breathing, Smiling, Expressing Gratitude, Laughing, Dancing, Singing, Walking, Hugging a Person or a Tree, Repeating God’s Name, Prayer, Reading a Spiritual Book, Journaling / Reflecting on Life, Appreciating Nature, Admiring Beauty, Intending Goodness and Goodwill, Asking Questions, Giving, and Forgiving.

Also would encourage you to prank call retail stores by saying, “Hallelujah! I love you.” That’s all anyone needs to hear :-)

“I want you to want me.”

This morning i woke up with the classic Cheap Trick song stuck in my head.  Seemed hard to stop singing, “I want you to want me.”  For a listen, you can click here.

Why was this song rolling around in my head?  I went to sleep last night in anticipation for my dad to wake me up at around 6:30 so that i could attend his Sharing Group that meets every Wednesday morning.  I’ve attended the past two weeks, so i sort of just assumed that he’d wake me up again so that i would go.  Meanwhile…no wake up!  So there i was at 7 AM, “I want you to want me…”

I wanted to feel wanted!  And one sure way of being wanted is to be woken up by someone else.  But there i was, not woken up by anyone else, and presumably, not wanted.

This desire to be wanted is perhaps something fundamental in human nature.  William James said the strongest craving we have is to be appreciated.  And if someone appreciates us, maybe we can assume that they want us on some degree.

This desire to be wanted helps explain why working and serving is a necessary part of the human experience.  When we work and serve we inevitably fill a niche.  That is, someone puts out a demand, and we provide the supply with our being.  We want to answer the call to demand, so that we feel wanted and needed in the world.

Thinking of my own recent behavior and choices, i’ve felt called to live at Satchidananda Ashram, also known as Yogaville.  I’m confident there’s a niche for me to fill there, and i suppose there must be on some level if they accepted me with the understanding that i’ll be working 38 hours a week.

Now though…perhaps we’re getting to the real crux of the issue.  There is work and service on the small self level, rendered to specific people, organizations, and perhaps a nation.  But then there is the work and service rendered for all humanity, for consciousness, for the universe, for God.  And, by virtue of being alive, we can assume that we are most certainly wanted.  If we were not wanted,  *boom* lightning bolt and we’re done.  We are alive because we are wanted and are constantly serving whether we know it or not.  With every thought we have, we create on some level.  Especially with the pure and holy thoughts, we’re serving the collective consciousness by purifying it.  That’s why, in many ways, one of the greatest services i think any individual being can render is meditation on something pure and holy.  However, the small self and ego have a hard time connecting with how meditation could possibly be providing a service, because the ego doubts the power of thoughts and consciousness to serve.  The ego connects strongly with physical action in the world, in that which is tangible and that which it can see, but it doubts the reality of that which seems more emotional, mental, and spiritual.

In many ways, perhaps the greatest service we can render to everyone and everything is to become enlightened.  That is, to know the peace that passeth all understanding and to love perfectly…to live like God.  This kind of life may look very simple and relaxed, and it likely is, but rest assured there is good work being done.  The more we perfect ourselves, the more we perfect the world.  And, in a sense, it’s not a matter or perfecting ourselves or perfecting the world but instead realizing the perfection of ourselves and the perfection of the world, already as it is.

So the ego might look around and not see any body and think, “Oh, i’m not wanted,” but, tuning in with Spirit, we can always remember that we are wanted, needed, and presently serving with our entire being and essence, including the quality of our thoughts and consciousness.  Everything ripples and radiates out.  We are those butterflies who flap their wings in Texas and cause hurricanes in China.  It’s all connected.  Every thought counts.  So forget about the tangible service.  Focus on the interior service, and the growth in love and goodness and purity and holiness, and the service you render, both internally and externally, will always help to create a more wonderful world.  You are wanted!

Channeling Sexual Energy

Particularly using facebook, and Heaven help us all if the news feed comes up with a picture of girls in bikinis…those are always tough to handle, i find myself tempted to engage in that good ole, ancient, introverted ritual of masturbation.  What a silly use of time.  Seeking short term pleasure through sense gratification when i could achieve a greater sense of fulfillment when studying or praying or writing or meditating or walking or exercising…ah so many wonderful possibilities!  Alas, sometimes good ole temptation comes knocking at the door, and boy does it feel good to say no thank you!

The other day i was feasting on some lentils and gazpacho outside, and i’ve recently been practicing sitting for 5 minutes after i finish eating to allow to the food to digest and perhaps it helps just being present too.  So sitting out outside the mind inevitability wandered to some facebook pictures i had looked at earlier that day, of those type of girls in bikinis…ahhh.  So there was like, thinking about girls in bikinis, and then i remembered, “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.”  May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love, and light.

As much as the mind was dwelling on sexual thoughts, within a matter of moments those thoughts and that sexual energy was channeled to intending peace, joy, love, and light to the entire universe.  It was a matter of shifting from a small self craving to a thought of serving the Higher Self, the All!  And this was super liberating :-)

Recently i’ve been riding a stationary bike for around 20 minutes a day to get in some vigorous physical activity, and during this time as well i find myself empowered by chants of “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.”  It feels amazing to lift up whatever activity you’re engaging and dedicate it to the well-being of the entire universe.  Similarly, you can do this with a phrase like, “Thy Will Be Done.”  Sometimes my mom refers to this as lifting up your cross or offering it up.

You can take on this attitude of dedication and service to the Highest Good of All in whatever activity you do, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to persist with an activity that’s not the best for too long before you realize your deception.  For example, if i spent hours looking at pictures of girls on facebook while meanwhile chanting, “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu,” or repeating “Thy Will Be Done,” i’d likely be filled with anxiety over the lack of congruence between thought and action, and would soon switch activities to something that brings harmony with the holy thought process.

The other day i was reading, “The Path to Perfection,” written by a leader of the Hare Krsna movement, and he basically said,

Enlightenment is easy.  All you have to do is chant the Lord’s name 24 hours of every day.”

Ha!  So easy isn’t it?  And he’s probably right, too, at least about the chanting part, perhaps not about it being easy.  Alas, the wonderful thing about such a simple concept in that we’ll naturally be guided towards holy activity when our mind’s are engaged in holy thoughts.  So if you repeat the name “Jesus” to yourself thousands of times a day, you’ll likely live a pretty awesome day and engage in many loving acts of service and kindness.

As Emerson said, “The ancestor to every action is a thought.”

Begin with holy thoughts, and you will sow holy actions and a holy life.

Sometimes the mind may wander and get tempted by short term pleasures and sense gratification, but if we exercise the patience to return to our holy thought we can easily overcome any temptation.  And by easily, i mean, it takes practice :-)

What does Humility mean?

To answer this question, we’re not going to look at a dictionary.  Why?  Because…it’s just for fun :-)

And more significantly than the meaning of humility is what does humility look like in practice, that is how can one identify a humble person or humble spirit?

Humility is apparently a pretty holy way of being in the world.  And when i think of it, i think smallness.  Humbling is like shrinking.  Making yourself smaller and smaller.

Perhaps this making smaller is simply a matter of re-contextualizing that which is around you, so that you open up to the magnificence of your environment and the entire universe.

If we look at ourselves from an ant’s perspective, we’re huge!  We’re amazingly powerful and grand.  But, if we look at ourselves from the perspective of the sun, we cannot be seen.  Even if the sun did have eyes, it still probably couldn’t see any one of us…then again i guess it depends what kind of vision we attribute to the sun.  Well, hopefully the point is clear ;-)

To an ant, we’re huge.  To the entire universe, we’re just about as small as an ant. Physically we’re near non-existent…although there is a certain mystery to the power our thoughts and consciousness yield over the nature of reality…

Perhaps humility is also about realizing that none of the concerns of the physical body really matter so much.  Billions of bodies have lived before and billions will likely live on.  Bodies are fragile and of fleeting presence.  We come and go quickly from the perspective of the universe.  We are here for but the blink of a cosmic eye.  So in this way, humbling is relating with or even identifying with the perspective of the cosmos, realizing that our own physical bodies including anything physical on planet earth is of relatively little concern.  If anything matters to the cosmos, what matters is not anything physical, but the nonphysical.  That is, the cosmos must not care so much about our physical world appears, but how the beings in the physical world experience the world.  The cosmos would care about how we feel.  Do we feel good? Happy? Abundant?  If we’re feeling good, the cosmos feels good.  Whereas, if we physically weigh 100 or 200 pounds, the cosmos does not weigh 100 or 200 pounds.  The cosmos feels our feelings, but it does not necessarily identify with proper up any individual body up on a pedestal and deeming that it should live longer than all others.

To the cosmos, everyone and everything is one.  It wants what is good for all.  Ego says, “I, this physically body, is of the utmost importance!”  The Spirit says, “The experience and quality of consciousness in this present moment matters most.  And more than caring about any external circumstances, I’d like to prioritize feeling in harmony with all of it, no matter how it appears.”    Notice how human bodies judge human bodies, but Spirit does not judge.  To Spirit and to the cosmos, it’s all one, it’s all connected, it’s all as it is, and as it should be.  It could be no other way!  The ego thinks that things must change, but the Spirit is as peace with how things are.

So an attitude of humility says, “None of the physical world really matters so much.  What matters most is what’s inside it all and what is omnipresent amongst all.”

Back to, “What does humility look like externally?”  When the intelligence that operates a human body embraces humility, what’s that look like?

For one, i think that means the body is trained to not interrupt another body.  It listens. And it keeps on listening until the other body has been silent for 2-3 seconds, and then it responds appropriately.  Being able to tame the tongue an the ego from inadvertently expressing itself requires a high level of awareness and a depth of discipline.  It’s easy to interrupt someone when we don’t like what we’re hearing or when they’re yelling at us.  Ego doesn’t want to hear that!  But it requires an inner-strenghth and awareness to listen deeply no matter what, and allow the ego of another to express itself fully, so that the Spirit may finally shine through.  I’ve heard that the greatest gift any of us can ever give is our attention, and what more is the gift of our attention than a listening presence?

Fundamentally then, the practice of humility, as far as this brief post comes down to, is listening.

And also, i’d throw in…humility is about living to please God, the cosmos, the highest that is in you.  Humility lives independently of any fear of criticism or opinion of others.  Humility lives only to please the highest that it knows, and let’s go of concerning itself with what ‘others’ might think.  Free from ostentation, essentially.  Like trying to use big words, like ostentation, maybe that act isn’t so free of humility ;-)  Like when we try to communicate to sound smart, versus communicating so that there is understanding.  Communicate to understand and be understood, not impress.  That’s humility.

So…what’s the point?

Humility is liberating!  It frees us from the opinions and judgments and concerns of others, and it allows us to focus on the best we know.  The humility of listen affirms that the Kingdom if Within, and that there is not a necessity to express ourselves verbally – that is almost always an expression of the ego.  Of course, if someone asks a question, why not answer?  More significantly, if someone goes about attacking or accusing us, there is no need to defend.  No need to interrupt, the humble choice is always to listen, seek to understand and to be understood.  It’s not about who is right.  It’s about the best that you know, come what may.  Humility allows us to focus on being and doing our best, and frees from that pesky ego that wants to prove its own worth and defend its existence.

Practice silence a day, that will humble the heck out of anyone.  Then again, don’t. :-)  Deep listening is a wonderful practice…simply try to allow everyone to speak as they desire, and patiently wait 2-3 seconds after they finish speaking to offer a response.  Become aware of the ego desiring to interrupt and instead choose to listen and love.

And, for more humility in practice, freely asking someone, “How can I help you?”  or “How can I serve?”  sounds like a pretty humbling thing to do.  You could also pose this questions internally, along with “What can I give to this present moment?” and “What’s the most I can do?” and living by these questions will orient you towards a spirit of giving and service, no doubt humble!

What do you Want? What matters Most?

For a 1-2 week period, i woke up every morning and one of the first things i’d do was write out the question, “What do I want?” at the top of a page and then proceed to answer the question.  This helped me gain clarity for desires, goals, and creating a compelling vision for the future.  This exercised proved to be pretty flippin’ powerful, and now that i think about it, i’m not quite sure why i stopped it.  One of the coolest results from this was that i wrote down, under the list of wants, “vegan world,” and since writing that down a few consecutive days in a row, i very hardly have found myself in the presence of any meat-eating or dairy-consuming activity.  The vegan world has nearly manifested itself!  And sure enough, God-willing, very soon i’ll be headed to an ashram where they pretty much have only vegan food, so hooray!

Ah, so perhaps here’s why i stopped that morning ritual.  On one of the last days i did it (not to say i won’t do it again), i wrote down the question, “What do i want?”  but then also, i put after, “What matters most?”  I realized that the answer to “What do i want?” would be best if it was also in alignment with the truth of “What matters most?”  And that’s when i realized that all the best wants/desires are universal and basically nonphysical.

Answering “What matters most?” i come up with answers like, “God,” “Spirit,”  “Truth,” “Consciousness,” “Awareness,” “Love,”  “Peace,” “Joy,” “Freedom,”  “Creativity,” “Kindness.”

None of the answers to “What matters most?” are at all dependent on the physical world. Sometimes we might think that they are, but ultimately we are in control over all of what matters most.  And when i say “we,” you can replace that with God, for God is forever on our side and supporting and loving us in all kinds of abundant ways beyond our conscious comprehension, and God endowed us with the power to choose our own thoughts and to focus and create whatever we desire.  Of course, if we choose to focus on what matters most, then what we’re will vary externally, but internally, our creation will be harmonized with the will of God, which is something like Love.

So Eckhart Tolle mentions, something along the lines of…”If you ever find yourself struggling to find peace in the world, don’t necessarily focus on changing the “What” of what you are doing.  Instead, see if you can change the “How.”  If you can change the “how” then you can bring joy and lightness and ease to what you’re doing, then whatever you’re doing will return something positive.”  Like Martin Luther King Jr. saying, “We can only achieve peaceful ends by peaceful means.”  Thich Nhat Hanh, “Every step is peace.”  Peace is the way.  Love is the way. Joy is the way.  Me thinks Peace, Love, and Joy are all ways of God, and when our thoughts are centered in Peace, Love, or Joy, then we’re certainly doing God’s work and co-creating in a wonderful way.

When we realize the answer to “What do i want?” and “What matters most?” are one and the same, that’s when we begin to realize our freedom and power.  The material world does not bind us.  We can have all the greatest riches of Creation simply by harnessing the gifts bestowed upon us at birth, namely in our ability to choose our thoughts, direct our focus, and give our attention to whatever we consider good and would like to experience more abundantly.  And, fundamentally, thoughts of Love sow actions of Love and a life of Love.  It begins with thought. And as i’ve heard before, “Every thought of prayer.”  Because, if God is ever going to be anywhere, God must be Here and Now, and so whatever we’re focusing on is being listened to and received, and presumably great forces are being moved to help us along our way!  Why would God only listen to us when we’re kneeling by our bedside at night?  The prayer channel is always on, especially when we are tuned in on frequencies of Love and Peace and Joy, you best believed that our thoughts are mightily received by that great power that pervades all creation :-)

“What matters most?” are all nonphysical things. And i think Peace comes from embracing the reality that the physical things in the world turn to dust, so attaching to them is pointless and is nearly a prescription for suffering.  Attaching to them is also very similar to wanting or desiring them.  So best then to only desire those nonphysical things!  For the nonphysical desires are pure desires of the highest order, and rest assured that focusing on manifesting the nonphysical wonderful qualities of being like Love and Peace and Joy, certainly any physical needs will be provided for.  Hence, Faith is one of those nonphysical wonders that means trusting in God and Goodness, and it always returns exactly what we need.

Ultimately, whether or not we are ask for what we need, we’re always provided what we really need.  And one of the wonderful perspectives to take regarding any external circumstances is, “This is for my good and growth.  This is perfect for me.  This must be just what God ordered up for my spiritual growth and evolution. :-)”  Sometimes we might not understand what happening to us or around us, but there’s always meaning and abundant opportunity abounds.  It’s all for good!

p.s.  Curious as to why it has taken me 24+ years to train myself to thoroughly enjoy the taste of water and the feeling of a deep breath of fresh air rushing through the body.  These simply activities are experienced daily, and often throughout the day (if not consistently) and surely there is much joy to be had in them through training and practice.  I feel like that’s a lot of what happens at Buddhist monasteries…just training you to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life, and to be aware of the wonder and beauty that is all around.