Pain Happens, Suffering is Optional

What is better than experiencing a little bit of pain when you’re completely aware of how you accepting the pain is contributing to the greater good? 

Especially regarding physical pain…

The other day,sitting in a meditation group, this body was positioned in half lotus.  It kind of hurt.  But then, observing the hurt, I realized that it’s only pain if labeled as ‘pain.’  Ultimately, it’s just a feeling, a sensation, and even if it is ‘painful,’ it most definitely does not have to equate to suffering.  The hurt/pain experienced in that circle ultimately faded away as awareness shifted to listening to the group conversation.  The experience was about whatever the body was feeling, but it was more about the intellectual and spiritual web us bodies were collectively weaving together. 

So not only did this supposed pain dissipate as a result of shifting the focus, but it also vanished because I stopped labelling it as pain.  I realized that ultimately it was just a feeling – neither good nor bad.  And, best of all, contextualizing the feeling with the understanding that the posture helps to open the hips and allows this body to more comfortable sit in meditation for longer periods of time…well then it’s just clearly for the greater good!

As best as I can guess, sitting in meditation is one of the most peaceful and universal activities human bodies can engage in.  You can pretty much never go wrong sitting in meditation.  Sure, you might feel called to contribute in a more tangible way or provide some sort of service, and perhaps it’d be best if you did, but ultimately – who would ever fault a meditator?  After all, how many of the problems in this world come from over-activity and over-stimulation, from people feeling overwhelmed by all the things they have to do and additionally being unable to control the mind to focus on the abundance of goodness flowing everywhere?  Meditation abundantizes life.  And yes hoping to coin abundantize unless it’s already a word, in which case – Hallelujah :-)  And if not, Hallelujah!  Abundance, abundance, abundance.  Sit.  Breathe, smile, go slowly.  So simple, so easy. Bananas!

Yummy fruits and vegetables.  Hooray for health and compassion and human flourishing!

Smile!  You’re on the Universe’s Camera :-)

Alas…pain.  Who needs it, right?  Yet, how good does it feel to endure a bit of pain for the greater good?  Just like lifting weights or running long distances, you want to stop and you want to give up, but even more than that desire to quit is that desire to excel and to grow and to expand and to become better and better and stronger and more abundant.  So we push through the pain. 

As Transformer’s wisdom tells us, “No sacrifice, no victory.”  No pain, no gain.  Just be sure that the pain has meaning.  Any time you experience pain, realize it does have meaning!  Whether you consciously and voluntarily enter into the pain, as is the case in the gym or perhaps sitting on an semi-uncomfortable yoga posture, or whether it’s sporadically forced upon you, when you connect the pain with meaning it becomes your greatest teacher and friend in the universe.

Everything is here to serve you!  Everyone and everything is conspiring to you help you in all kinds of wonderful ways :-) 

In the spirit of Easter and Good Friday, we can consider Jesus’ pain.  He carried a huge cross and wore a crown of thorns and was ultimately nailed to the cross and probably beaten and who knows what else.  Yet, did he suffer?  Or, perhaps, was it just painful?  If he remained connected with His Higher Purpose and Father in Heaven, then very likely it was simply painful for him, but not suffering.  He understood that the pain was for the greater good, and because he stood for a principle much greater than his small physical self, he was basically fearless in his pursuit.  When you’re pursuing something pure that is good for all, such as Truth, Peace, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Understanding…you receive the pleasure of strength from an awesome Power.  And connected with that Power you can transcend any pain and realize that the physical body is simply an instrument for the Divine and nothing you have to be attached to or afraid of losing. 

Be free in realizing a pure purpose, and love the pain, for it’s all a gift, perfect for you in the present moment :-)

Regarding the Present Moment

Packed with Potential.

Yet, I wonder…embracing non-judgment…and accepting ignorance of “What is the best for everyone,”…then whose to say where the potential lies?

Objectively…I’m kind of willing to say that more smiles and laughter are good.  Same with singing and dancing.  Smiles, laughter, singing, and dancing, these are highly conscious activities that are expression of freedom and creativity and connect with some of the highest human faculties.  What’s everyone want more of?  Joy!  And what is more objective expression of joy than smiles, laughter, singing, and dancing?

So then…if we’re here to bring more joy into the world, let’s be the change we want to see in the world!  Then the duty comes to you smiling, laughing, singing and dancing more and more.  Quite the duty…ugh such a drag of a responsibility ;-)

In the past, I’ve freaked out pretty hard about the awesomeness of the Present Moment, and perhaps that is a skill – to personally be able to be aware of the miracle and awesomeness and wonder of the Here & Now, and then even another skill is to be able to share that awareness with people and bring them into the miracle.  Yet, what does that awareness lead to?  What’s the purpose of it, and does it add as much value as simply increasing the amount of smiles, laughter, singing and dancing in the world?

The great thing about a moment or two or twenty thousand of an awareness of the awesomeness of the Here & Now, the Infinite Goodness and Oneness of Creation, is that it frees you from a lot of egoic concerns.  For example, since having these types of experiences, I no longer a desire to accumulate material possessions.  I prefer wearing plain white clothes and eating simple foods like oats, hemp seeds, and bananas.  I don’t even mind sleeping on the floor.  And trust me when I say I used to be obsessed with material possessions.  I’d buy all sorts of trinkets and clothing and shoes that I thought would ‘help me’ be better in the world.  But that was all from the paradigm of separation.  When you realize the awesomeness of the moment, you no longer concern yourself so much with the opinion of people – you free yourself from judgment! – instead you align yourself with higher principles such as the spiritual awakening and conscious evolution of humanity.  You align yourself with Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness, Health, Harmony, Learning, Growth, Service, Generosity, Openness, etc.  It’s not longer about “What’s in it for me?” but the attitude becomes “How can I serve?  What can I give?”  So you are so free!  Because you realize that you’re inclining yourself more and more towards goodness and giving, so if you die tomorrow who cares?  You were doing good.  You were being good.  You were loving.  You were giving your best.

And this happens moment to moment to moment.

Sometimes during the day you might think ‘selfishly’ and think ‘I want food’ or ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I look good,’ and those thoughts are kinda the ego peaking back through.  Nonetheless, the body thrives with proper food and sleep and movement.  So, if you perceive the body as a vessel for goodness to flow through, then caring for the body is certainly important for optimizing the goodness and service that flows.  No need to fault ‘yourself’ for wanting to care for the body and brain and feed it rich physical and mental nutrients.  You can only give what you have, so give ‘yourself’ the best and you can share that best abundantly!

Lol just overheard awesome tutoring, “All the molecules are always vibrating and rotating and spinning.”  Hallelujah Oneness!

Synchroncities so abundant!

Identity.  Depending how you identify ‘yourself,’ you can be abundantly free or dreadfully imprisoned.  If you are just the human body, sorry but you’re fucked!  Ha, right?  If you are more than the body, if you are spirit, consciousness, one with life, energy – well then, now we’re talking.  Now you’re free.  Hard to say one is right or wrong, who really knows?  So believe what empowers you.  Believe that which sets you free!  Because, as Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!”  What beliefs set you free?  What beliefs liberate you from fear and allow to fully thrive and flourish as an abundantly wonderful and joyous being?

Believe the best.  Expect the best.  Be the best.  Trust that it’s all for good.

As for this Present Moment…the one moment…it’s liberating.  Not crippling.  Worry is crippling.  “Don’t worry, be happy.”  Easier said tahn done.  Alas, you don’t have to look around you and sin and destruction and evil everywhere.  If you were to see all that, you’d be granting yourself an immense amount of knowledge and understanding, perhaps even omniscience.  Are you omniscience?  If not, then judge not.  Let it be :-)

If you are omniscient…now playing around with this belief…maybe the omniscience is “It’s all for good. I’m one with all of it, completely eternal and immortal, invincible and indestructible, here to play and have fun, love and give and serve and enjoy everyone and everything and flow abundantly.”  Something like that…maybe that’s your Absolute Omniscient Truth…but who knows.  Play with it :-)

Believing is seeing.  What you believe, you will see.  What do you want to see?  For a while now, I’ve had the desire to see Beauty, Divinity, Spirit, God in All.  Sometimes I live with this awareness, sometimes I don’t.  Really, rarely do I tune into this awareness, but when I do it’s pretty awesome.  It generally yields complete relaxation and some abundant joy.  And…the great thing about seeing…you can only see in the Present Moment!

Seeing…such are the seers…”They live in wisdom who see the Self in All and All in them.”  Mmm…Oneness?

How to live in Oneness?  Detaching completely from form can help.  “If someone asks of you your tunic, give him your cloak as well.”  Or, just give it all away.  Even food!  I renounced using money for a 6 month period of living…and reflecting back on it, it does seem like the time when I was most connected with the Present Moment and the Oneness of All Life and the Goodness of Creation.  Now I use money minimally, largely because I have a minimal amount of it ;-), but now I wonder if returning to that lifestyle makes sense.  ‘Having money’ perpetuates the ego / a sense of separation in many ways.  Alas, in the Present Moment this body is standing at a computer with simple clothes on and a gratitude rock in the pocket, not too much ‘I can give to others’ aside from hugs and smiles, which is perhaps why I feel very free right now :-)  Ahhh, liberation.

Thinking about some of the most compelling teachers I know, whether living or ‘dead,’ ha dead yeah right ;-), I’m pretty sure none of them use money.  Did Jesus? Buddha?  Human beings…compelling examples…why not strive to emulate these holy, happy, healthy, worthy ideals? Then again, there are other wonderful role models I can think of like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy…people who speak to thousands of people and share empowering and liberating ideas to help people live more joyous, abundant lives.  Perhaps there are many wonderful ways to serve!  And with whatever one does or has, it’s important that you have what you have to fulfill your higher purpose, and you do what you do to fulfill your higher purpose.  As it’s been said, “Live a fully dedicated life.”

I like to think my life is dedicated to becoming more conscious and aware / realizing God Always / Becoming God-Conscious / Achieving Cosmic Consciousness, yet sometimes these aspirations to higher, holier consciousness take steps back, and I can even be aware of these steps back as I’m taking them.  Like, I’ve wondered, would an enlightened person eat peanut butter?  And recently I’ve thought that they may or they may not, but what’s certain is that they would eat is with deep appreciation and gratitude.  Perhaps every action is performed with deep appreciation and gratitude.  The enlightened person might just be someone free of the disease of ‘taking-for-grantedness.’  How wonderful it is to live in a state where you cherish each and every moment of experience and wonder at it all embracing a sort of divine ignorance in which you’re aware of the mysterious yet totally abundant and loving nature of God Present Here & Now and Forever.  And I wonder…is such a state of being sustainable?  Perhaps…perhaps. ;-)

Well then…time for one of my favorite questions to seal the deal…

What matters most?

Who knows!  My guess is, the present moment!  The quality of experience right here and right now!  There are no guarantees beyond this moment.  This is it.  The time is now and we are here!  And now I become more conscious of the breath.  And the smile.  And the eyebrows flashing up and down dancing in happiness.  “Suddenly I become aware of every step.”  Ah, what a life, Thich Nhat Hanh, to be aware of every step.  And yet the yang of the world can so easily pull us away from that consciousness in every step…I digress.

What matters most?

Love. Compassion, Kindness. Gentleness towards ‘yourself,’ the human body you’re granted responsibility for while it’s alive, and gentleness towards other human bodies and all forms of life.  Joy, for me, seems to come as I show and realize greater love towards everyone and everything.  This love manifests in a variety of ways.  The 5 love languages…acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, quality time…mmm that’d be a fun 30 day experiment to simply focus balancing each day by dancing between engaging in those 5 different love languages.  Expressions of love!  What could be better?

What matters most?

This moment!  Love.  Gratitude. Feeling good.  When you feel good, no matter what you’re doing, it’s good.  And this isn’t to say get high on drogas.  But hey, maybe that’s right for you.  Who knows?  Feeling good by utilizing the gift of consciousness that you are.  Utilizing that Power that is You!  To focus on gratitude, on abundance, on beauty, on grace, on forgiveness and compassion and connection to one and all.  To appreciate and revere life and creation and the universe and God.  The Natural Way.  Feel Good :-) And if you want, find something to dedicate your life too, and plan each day so that it can realize that dream more and more.  The Universe and God want us to dream big dreams, and I think one of the biggest dreams is that all human beings become conscious of consciousness itself, so that we realize our Divine Nature and the awesomeness of the Universe and our Power to create and love and grow and learn and change for the best!  The dream is for all of us to love one another like we love that person in our life who is dearest to us, whether a brother, mother, sister, father, or ourselves…to love all equally abundantly!  Like a Universal Family.  No Separation.  It’s a shift in consciousness, and as big as the dream might be, the best part is that it always starts and ends with ‘You.’  Of course, along the journey your conception of ‘You’ might change and almost certainly will change as you become more conscious and aware, yet that’s all part of the fun :-)

Perhaps the most liberating sentence I’ve ever read was something like this…

“The best thing you can do for everyone is to become enlightened.”  The best thing you can do for all of us is to raise your consciousness and awareness.  Sounds like a selfish focus, but it’s also entirely selfless.  Because that’s the best way you can serve!  Becoming more conscious and aware means experiencing and realizing more love, more peace, more joy, and the more you cultivate those abundant qualities, the more you share them abundantly!  So the journey of becoming more conscious and aware does seem like a worthy cause.

What are the next steps along the journey?  Well…if you want more joy in your life…if you want more anything in your life…you’re going to have to make some space for it, which means you might have to give something up.  You might even have to undergo a ‘pain period’ where perhaps you flex a bit of your mental muscles to overcome the body’s desire to rest complacently.  Personally, I’m fairly confident that eliminating processed foods including wheat, dairy, and sugar from the list of foods one consumes is a most definite step towards higher consciousness.  At some point, I think eliminating consuming meats is also on the journey, but this time not necessarily for greater health/energy reasons but more so because one is growing in compassion towards all living beings and seeks to act compassionately towards all.  That being said, I think there is a way to eat an animal compassionately, so perhaps rather the elevation of preferences would be to not purchase animal meat, because that act perpetuates the system of slaughter and violence etc. and not sure if it is possible to compassionately slaughter an animal, but if it is, I’d love to witness you doing it ;-)  Always open to learning!  (I guess that’s what Jewish Kosher ‘laws’ are all about…)

Alas!  Steve Pavlina has been a great teacher for me on the journey to become more conscious and aware (wow seeing 2222 now…love it :-) Hallelujah!)  A foundation for becoming more conscious and aware is to increase the amount of compassion in your life you show towards yourself and all living beings.  More and more, lead with love and compassion and act with gentleness and universal kindness and forgiveness to all.  That’s an abundant way to become more conscious :-)  As always, baby steps.  Step by step by step by step we go along this journey.

I have a theory that by simply treating your physical body with unflinching compassion and unconditional love and non-violence, I think that might definitely reflect out towards your actions towards all beings.  At least, starting with yourself is always good :-)  Right now, this moment, I’m noticing that these fingers hurt a wee-bit from all this typing, and now I wonder if non-violence means ‘no-pain,’ and eh…who knows?  Perhaps it means n meaninglessness pain, but a bit of physical pain for the greater good (how I see typing this goes), that can be great!  I mean, clearly Jesus wasn’t the biggest advocate of no-physical-pain-for-self…haha if that was his core guiding principle then there’s no way he would have donned a crown of thorns or carried a cross or been nailed to it…oww.  Ahh but just writing that opens the heart, such a wonderful example of the great love and potential that lives in each one of us :-)  To die for another, that is a sure expression of love!  Undergoing a bit of physical pain for the benefit of another, why not?  The body heals :-)  Nonetheless…perhaps the key to non-violence towards the self means contextualizing all pain, so that it’s connected with your Higher Purpose.  Like Jesus was physically suffering while aligned with Serving / Glorifying God and the Truth, soooo obviously that takes precedence :-)

Freedom and Peace come when you align with serving something greater than the small physical human body.  Align with glorifying God and serving the Truth no matter what and you’ll willingly carry a cross,at least that’s what the example of Jesus suggest.  Hallelujah!

A great question that can spur a lot of introspection…What are you willing to die for?  Now consider, how can you live for it?  Studying martyrs is inspiring business, and a great way to become more conscious and aware and overcome fear and realize your Power and Potential!

Becoming more conscious and aware…Higher Consciousness!  God / Truth / the Very Best rests abundantly at the top :-)

Breathe and smile.  Build your foundation on some rocks, align, let go, flow.  Trust completely.  Live a fully dedicated life.

What are you willing to dedicate your life to?  And…let’s pretend…you only have 5 years left to live!  Because really, who knows?  Even 5 years is a lot.

What are you willing to dedicate the next 5 years of your life to?  How will this dedication of yours manifest internally with the quality of your consciousness and externally in the quality of your actions?


“A Place for Everything.”

What’s alive in your practice?

What would I like to experience even more of?  And what would I like everyone and all to experience more of?

Joy! Happiness! Abundance!  Connection!  Freedom!!!  Lightness and Ease.  Health. Loving Acceptance of What Is in the Present Moment.  Harmony.  Feelings of Significance and Contribution.  Flow.  Creative Expression.  Laughter!  A sense of growth and becoming better and better each day, learning, growing, expanding, evolving!  Wonderful, loving, joyous, relationships with people, plants, animals, all life!  An awareness of the interconnectedness of everything and ‘my’ oneness with all.

Eckhart Tolle once wrote that the key to happiness and success comes down to three words: One with Life.  When you live in the oneness, your identity expands way beyond the physical body and brain, but you begin to identify with the whole of whatever you’re experiencing in the Present Moment.  And then you realize that any judgment is ultimately self-judgment..hence Jesus’s wise words : “Judge not lest yet not judge, for as ye judge so shall ye be judged.”  It all reflects back to you!

Being aware of The Secret, the idea that thoughts create reality, means that in some way, you’re responsible for experiencing and manifesting whatever is with and within you in the present moment.  And then to also realize that in some way, the present moment is absolutely perfect for you, perfect for your learning, growth, healing, and evolution…that’s magical place to be.  There then is no bad, but only a higher good.  Even pain, suffering, disease, illness, heartbreak, hunger, grief, anger, fear…all of it is your teacher.  Everything you experience throughout the day, each and every moment – it’s perfect for you!  It’s just what the Divine Doctor ordered.  So gulp down that medicine with a smile on your face trusting completely that it’s for your greater good, also knowing that your greater good is the greater good of the whole!

You can only give what you have.  So what do you want to give?  Cultivate it yourself!  These bodies are amazing instruments and tools for consciousness to flow through.  “I’m” beginning to realize that the body can be (and possibly always is) a vessel for divine energy to flow through.  And if you don’t like the word divine, it’s a vessel for love to flow through, for peace and joy and happiness to enter in and flow through.  As you experience the peace, it flows outward to you.  The internal and external balance.  Yin-Yang Harmony :-)

If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, you can always change it.  You have the power!  Pratipraksha Bhavana, perhaps one of ‘my’ very favorite teachings I learned at Yoga Teacher Training, suggests that you can only have one thought at a time.  So if you notice your thoughts aren’t vibing well with you, replace them with a positive thought. That is, change the yin.  You have the power!  However, sometimes, depending on where you’re at along the journey, changing the yin can be tough, especially in a ‘toxic’ environment.  In that case, change the yang!  Move the body, go outside, go inside, call a friend, read a book, listen to a song – change something about your external condition to free you from that feeling/vibration that might not be all-that-enjoyable.  You’ve got the power!

As you can guess, what’s significant here is you have the power!  Whether you change the internal conditions to connect more with the Kingdom and that Happy Place inside or if you shift your external reality, you can always come to a place of Peace.  It is always with you.  Deep breathing and smile are generally liberating.  As is dancing, laughing, or singing.  Fake it till you make it ;-)

Fake it until you become it!

We are on a journey of becoming.  Learning, growing, expanding, evolving – becoming and realizing the very best that inside us and beyond us.  Sharing is caring.  Gratitude feels good.

Let’s return to the title of this post…”A Place for Everything.”

Whatever happens in the external word, it’s ehhhh.  Whatever you witness, accept it.  Even if it’s violence, cuss words, lewd behavior, ultimately – who are we to judge?  Embracing our own ignorance is super liberating, because if you accept complete ignorance then ultimately you disable yourself from judgment.  Literally, if you are completely ignorant and aware of complete ignorance (knowing nothing but knowing that you know nothing ;-)), then you are incapable of judgment.  You cannot judge!  You can only observe, witness, and take action in the flow.

What’s real is experience.  Trust your experience.  And, as much as the Yang of our worlds are constantly shifting – external conditions are impermanent – perhaps there is an essence that we can connect with always.  If there is one thing that is permanent, it’s likely something of the Yin nature, something internal, like spirit that flows through everything.  Like the Oneness with Life, as Eckhart Tolle says.  The Oneness of Experience.

Think of yourself as a vessel to flow through.  A vessel for all goodness to flow through, a vessel to increase feelings of goodness, warmth, connection, harmony, abundance, flow, creativity, freedom, laughter, joy to flow through.  When you think about how much you like a person, realize that what you like about that person is the energy they carry – the quality of consciousness.  So too, people like you because of the energy you carry, which can be called the principles you align with.  If you’re a practicing Christian and pray every morning and read the Bible and think about Jesus often, people enjoy your presence because you’re connecting with very powerful principles like selfless love and service, fearlessness with faith, being willing to give your life for another – at least, these are some of the principles that come through in the teachings and life of Jesus.  Significantly, many of the teachings come through the living.  Anyone can say the same words, but can they practice them?  Thus a life well-lived comes down to practice.  How much do you practice unconditional love?  Unconditional forgiveness?  Non-judgment and loving acceptance?  More than words, let’s focus on actions :-)  It’s not about how much we know, but how well we live.

Follow the good vibrations.  Follow the synchronicities / “coincidences” / God-winks ;-)  Follow your bliss.  Feel good and you’ll inevitably do good.

You can only give what you have.  And what do we all really want most?  Find that within yourself.  Carry joy in your heart and unconditional love for all, and imagine all the goodness you are giving each and every moment.  Even if you do not tangible observe the positive ripple effects of your alignment with love and peace and joy, trust that you are doing Wonderful Work.

And free yourself too! You don’t need to judge.  You don’t need to create us vs. them dichotomies.  Forget about separation.  Let yourself become of the Spirit that is in you that is also in All.  Resist Nothing.  Love Everything :-)

It’s not about the What, but the How

What matters most?

Me thinks the Present Moment.   The very best is Here and Now.  If God is ever, God is most definitely in the Present Moment.   Goodness, Beauty, Abundance, Flow, Freedom, Joy…if they are ever…they are now!

These great dimensions of life that we all desire – Peace, Happiness, Joy, Harmony, etc. – are available to us every moment.  No matter what we are doing, we can experience a sense of joy, ease, lightness, grace, abundance, connection, compassion, kindness, gentleness, the list goes on and on.  Any positive quality that you desire to experience, it is available to you right here, right now – no excuses!

No matter what you are doing – you can experience joy.  Thus, it is not about what you are doing.  The significant dimension of life lies in the how.  You can be doing anything you want – whether serving at a soup, writing a book, teaching a class, exercising, pooping – whatever it is, you can do it either with love or you can do it with fear.  You can perform your duties with a sense of caring and compassion or you can act with scorn and malice.  The choice is yours.  So whether or not you volunteer 5 days of the week isn’t the issue at hand.  That volunteering is detrimental to yourself and society if you do it in a state of pride, anger, or fear.  As much as volunteering might be an agreed upon plus for society, if the quality of your consciousness is aligned with a weak attractor pattern / negative vibration…i.e. you’re not accepting or enjoying what you’re doing :-)…then forget about it!

More important that what you’re doing is the how you are doing it.  How are you performing your actions?  With gentleness, ease, grace, and joy?  Then Hallelujah!  Whether it’s taking out the garbage or climbing a tree, go for it.  Prioritize the quality of your consciousness, enjoy your present moment, and whatever action flows from there will be good.  Lead with love.

If you find it challenging to come into a state of acceptance or joy, see if you can bring a smile to the face.  Almost certainly you can!  Then see if you can deepen the breathe, breathing in the abundance of goodness and feeling better and better with each exhale.

Gandhi is one of my favorite heroes of history, and I think his motto, “Do it with joy or not at all,” is spot on.  More significant than the objectivity of your actions is your subjective experience of them.  Are you living with joy in the heart?  Smile!

Emphasize the HOW and the WHAT that follows will always be good :-)

And just to share another favorite Gandhi quote, “Full effort is full victory.”  Work hard, be your best, accept the greater challenge, and carry on with a smile on the face and joy in the heart.  Abundance!!!


So grateful :-)


Appreciate and Enjoy That Which Is Always With You

Ahh. Breathe. Feel the heart.
As long as you’re embodied, the breath and the beat of the heart will always be with you. At some point you will transcend, but for now, in the body, you’ve most definitely got your breath and the beat of the heart.



Feel Good.

We can train ourselves to enjoy anything. Observing the breath, just watching it flow in and out of the body without trying to control it, you can begin to admire the awesome of intelligence of the body, the evolved intelligence of nature working through you and in you.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the body is breathing. The heart is beating. ALL THE TIME! :-)

These affirmations of life occur moment-to-moment. Just imagine if you train yourself to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy any instance when you bring your awareness to your breath and just notice it flowing. Or enjoy those moments when you bring the palm of the hand and place it over the heart, feeling it beat.

Tune out the world and tune into yourself. Tune into that intelligence. The breath and the heart are the essence of life. This essence flows through all life. Even chickens, grass, and trees. All of life is breathing. All of life has a Heart. Maybe not a physically beating heart like human bodies have, but there is a Heart. Consciousness experiencing.

As far as bliss goes, I think it might rest when we stop desiring anything external. Bliss might be when we turn our gaze inward and more and more connect with That Which is Always With Us. The Breath, the Heart; Consciousness.

Just being is miraculous. Just being is totally awesome. Just being is abundant and reason for immense amounts of gratitude and joy. Just to be…

Breathe and be. Look with wonder upon that which is before you. See the Essence that flows through all Life. Look past the duality and the separation and the illusion and you just might begin to perceive the perfection, the unity, and the goodness.

We may want different physical things or new relationships or knowledge…but will any of that really give us lasting happiness? Lasting happiness only is in that which is in lasting. And what is lasting? Consciousness. The breathe. The Heart.

Enjoy That Which is With You Always.

Smile :-)

The Best Teachings Are Free

Free, super abundant, supported by tons of study as well as awesome life experience.

Thinking about why mindfulness and meditation are awesome practices…practicing them helps you realize that happiness and joy and all goodness is with you in the present moment.  You don’t need to be watching the TV or shopping or reading your favorite book to experience a deep sense of peace and goodness.  That experience you want is yours now.  If not now, when?

You are powerful.  So powerful, in fact, that your happiness is only conditional upon external conditions if you let it be. At the same time, using your awesome power, you can choose to be unconditionally happy, regardless of external circumstances.  You have a kingdom within you.  Consciousness is magnificent.  It is yours to use as you will.  Create your Heaven on Earth.

All this best is free.  And right now is the very best!  And now is the very best.  If you believe it, you’ll see it.  Believing is seeing.  Heaven or Hell your choice.  Perspective is reality.  What you focus on you’ll experience.  Whatever you give your attention to grows.

Nothing external can bring you lasting happiness.  Lasting happiness comes from within.  Lasting happiness is of the Here and Now, it is Essence, regardless of the external form, it is with you.  Tune into it.  Smile :-)

When you discover the treasures of mindfulness and meditation and Peace Within, your motivations and intentions become purer.  Instead of being motivated by accumulating money, you are motivated by rendering loving service, by doing good, by growing and becoming better and better.  You are motivated by catalyzing the conscious evolution of mankind. You are motivated by Love.

You realize the Basic Goodness underlying all reality.  Happiness is with you.  And knowing it is with you always, regardless of the external – the yang – you are abundantly connected with the Kingdom Within – the yin.

Seeking refuge within, storing up your Treasures in Heaven, centering yourself on the yin, you begin to realize the transient nature of the world of form.  It changes.  Things come and go.  Accepting this, you are free.  Detached from form, you appreciate what is in the Here and Now while easily letting go and transform into something new.

Movies, books, people all come and go.  Conversations come and go.  The ways in which you experience the world are always changing.  The yang is in flux.  What you can count on always is the yin – the Kingdom Within – the Essence that pervades all form and all reality.

Call it what you will, it doesn’t matter.  Words go up like smoke!  Within all form is a consistency.  Even though a banana looks different than an orange, within both the banana and the orange is an Essence that is also in the tree and the computer.  It’s in Everything!  As a friend shared with me once, “There is nothing else.”

Deepak Chopra talks about One Reality.  Eckhart Tolle talks about being One With Life.  Oneness.  The Essence pervades.

On the path, remember you are always free to stop and breathe.  Standing still or sitting can only be good.  How many problems stir from impulse decisions and rushed activity?  How many times have we all walked by beautiful flowers and abundant life flourishing all around us without even being slightly around of the Essence underlying it all?  Without appreciating the Beauty and the Magnificence?  Living a life constantly connected with Beauty, Magnificence, and Miracle can be quite challenging and might sound a bit overwhelming…but…maybe it’s worth the effort?  Who knows!

What kind of reality do you want to live in?  What do you want to experience moment to moment to moment?  It’s your choice.  Know what you want, focus on it, and be open and willing to change until you receive what you’re seeking.  Ask and you shall receive. Always.

This morning I read in The Power of Now that there is only one spiritual teaching.  What is that teaching?  I think…it might be…gratitude.  Why?  Because of Perfection.  As human beings, what more could we ask for than that our every prayer is answered?  All of our thoughts co-create reality.  We are empowered to create and to change and to grow and to become better and better and trust our generous impulse and embrace challenges and contribute to the greater good and give of our very best!  We are so empowered!  We can do so much.  Consciousness creates.  We are consciousness creating.

Lent is the season of empowerment.  I found myself saying “Thank you Jesus!” the other night, not for necessarily being the one and only savior of the world, but simply for inspiring the lenten season.  During Lent, people give up something.  I ‘gave up’ picking my nails.  No big deal, right?  Actually, renouncing this very small activity for this period of 40 days has so awesomely empowered to do even more good and make more abundant change for good…well it’s inspired a lot of good.  Reminding myself that I have the the power to consciously not pick my nails…I am reminded that I can do anything!  As I wrote down in my journal, “If you can do one thing, you can do anything.”  If I can ‘not pick my nails,’ I can ‘not eat unhealthy foods,’ or to frame it in the positive, I can choose to eat only foods that are nourishing and for the optimization of the body and brain and clarity of consciousness.

We are empowered!  One step at a time, moment to moment, day by day, month by month, we can build positive habits, and we can release habits.  Not to judge what habits are good or bad, just knowing that if there is anything you want to change, you can.  You absolutely can change.  You are powerful!  We are all powerful!

And if you’re doubting, hesitant or unsure, stop.  Breathe.  Maybe smile.  Just be in the moment.  Maybe be grateful for something.  Whether you’re grateful for family, friends, teachings, the body, the mind, the universe, the sky, the trees, water, food, shelter, clothes, time, space, learning, growing, evolution, abundance, creativity, humor, laughter, health, happiness, freedom, love, peace within, music…whatever it is!…so much to be grateful for.  And ultimately, the gratitude can be for the Perfection.  Knowing that it’s all for Good, that it is all The Very Best, that What Is is Perfect, perfectly imperfect if you like, you can feel an abundance an gratitude in the heart.  And gratitude only attracts more abundance to be even more grateful for.  So go ahead and cultivate a grateful heart.

You can also be grateful for the abundantly wonderful and free teachings of Steve Pavlina.  Bringing Truth, Love, Power, and Happiness to people by sharing abundant ideas and a wealth of knowledge inclined towards catalyzing personal growth and evolution…higher consciousness…what could be better?

Higher Consciousness and Happiness for everyone…there’s an idea.  How do you do it though?  Each moment is an opportunity.  Enjoy :-)


Liberation!!! “Do it with Joy or not at all.”

Ahh…freedom feels good.

But what is freedom?

Freedom is complete detachment.  If you consider that a slave wears shackles, so too anything that shackles you enslaves you.

Recently, I’ve been enslaved by this desire to delete eBooks, audio clips, and videos that I may have obtained illegally, while also desiring to listen and learn from these same things.  The tension between the two irks me from time to time, and thankfully I just resolved the issue.

Officially, for the first time in maybe 6 years – as far as I’m aware – there’s not a single piece of stolen ‘intellectual property’ on this computer or in ‘my’ possession.  So, I must say this feels pretty good.

The process of deleting all the files also helped me gain a lot of clarity and come to terms with reality.

A few of the files I had the most trouble deleting were audio files that offered lots of an abundance of knowledge regarding meditation, the present moment, and higher consciousness / enlightenment.  However, even these files were relatively easy for me to let go of, because I realized that ultimately expertise in meditation or achieving an awesome consciousness of Presence or Enlightenment is something realized through practice and effort.  Practice and effort can come in the form of studying via books and audio clips, but it’s primarily something you live out moment to moment to moment.  So to think I’d achieve expertise in meditation or a state of enlightenment through reading is somewhat silly.  Ultimately, I think books can be great teachers.  Yet the true test of learning ultimately comes down to how it changes the way you live your life, moment to moment to moment.  And really, I feel like in so many ways I’ve had that awesome peak experiences of enlightenment / oneness on several occasions, so to deny it would be silly.  More over, to think I need more books or information to live in that state on a more consistent basis is also silly.  If I experienced such a state without certain books, why would they be necessary to achieve the state again?

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a class on existential counselling the other day, and the professor shared some awesome ideas about venturing beyond your comfort zone and being in the moment.  He said that we sometimes might have a tendency to devour life, when really so much joy and peace and freedom can be found when instead of devouring life, we choose to savor life.  Savoring is the key.  And what more is savoring than going slowly?  It’s appreciating what you have.  It’s being in the Here and Now.

Listen to the birds.  Feel your lips curl upward you smile . Flash your eyebrows at the beauty before you.  To experience happiness and peace and joy and the very best life has to offer, we don’t need anything.  All the necessities are before us, beyond us and within us, in this present moment.  Enlightenment and Peace and Happiness are not states to achieve in the distant future; they are qualities of our consciousness that we can experience now.  The time is always now, especially regarding your Peace and Happiness :-)

Thinking about questing through life, it seems like many of us move through the world on a quest for more, on a quest for what’s best for us, for that perfect something that will make our lives complete.  Really, that perfect something is not out there, and you don’t have to quest for it.  Questing for it almost moves you away from it.  As I read in a de Mello book, “Seek and you shall miss.”  Instead of seeking, let it be.

When you tune into being, right here, right now, that’s golden.  No books required.

This is not to say to never read a book again.  Rather, you can continue the wonderful journey of lifelong learning and growth knowing that you are perfect as you are now.  You need nothing more for happiness and joy.  So then, why keep reading and learning and trying new things and seeking new experiences?  Well, from a consciousness of Joy and Happiness, why not do whatever you want to do?  The key is to prioritize your Happiness in the Here and Now, and let be from there.

All activities can be filled with Joy.  The external conditions don’t matter so much as your perception.  As Eckhart Tolle mentions in the Power of Now, instead of changing your What, try changing your How.  Bring lightness and ease to how you are doing whatever it is you are doing.  To think, “I have to do something other than this,” is enslaving yourself.  You can always free yourself by accepting the present moment as it is and moving into a state of joy, perhaps catalyzed by bring a smile to the face and raising your hands over your head and saying, “Thank you!”   Why not be thankful?  You can always fake it until you make it.  Or, as I heard on a TEDTalk, fake it until you become it.

Meanwhile, why keep learning?  Why keep writing or doing anything if the Happiness and Peace and Joy and Infinite Goodness is Here and Now, Always and Forever?  Why not just let go and bliss out 24 / 7?

From that state of Happiness and Peace, remember that you can serve and you can give and contribute.  And in those acts is even more joy!  An abundance of joy lies in generosity and in giving.  Also, consider, that in so much as you may have found Happiness in the Eternal Present Moment, Your God, some people might still be searching.  So, by your moving and being in the world, connected with that Joy, you can share the Gift and awaken people to the Kingdom.  Why not?

In a way, act selfishly.  That is, prioritize the quality of your consciousness in the present moment.  Let it be filled with Peace and Joy.  What could be more selfish?  And then, beautifully, this seemingly selfish act balances perfectly with the selfless service you can then render from a consciousness of Joy.

We can only give what we have, and what more do people want than Joy? Than Peace?  Than Freedom?  So by you working on yourself to have that Joy, you can then give it to people.  You can share the abundance!  You connect with the Great Gift, and then you share that Gift with your Being.  No physical exchange of form required.  Just being joyous brings joy.  Liberating yourself liberates those around you.

When you listen to the birds and delight in the birds, you tacitly grant permission for all to enjoy the song of nature.  (Woohoo 111 :-)).

Remember always, there are an abundance of ways to serve.  Every moment offers a different opportunity.  And, basically, no matter what you choose to do, it’s all good.

As Gandhi once said, “Do it with Joy or not at all.”