Camus is Clutch, as are Donations

Monday night’s camp seemed lonely compared to Friday night’s jamboree, yet I’ll be the first and only one capable of admitting that it was still a terrific time, despite unfriendly temperatures.  I sought Camus’s warmth from within, and found it within a few minutes of snuggling up in the sleeping bag.  For roughly the first thirty minutes of resting, my body was way too pumped with adrenaline and other happy chemicals that could not get over the beauty of the night sky.  Sleep was not an option.

Eventually, I zonked out, yet proceed to wake a few times throughout the night to students walking by, questioning if in fact I was a person or just a large globular mass.  One person also remarked that it couldn’t possibly be safe to sleep on the quad, to which I wittily and silently retorted, “If you only knew.”

On a sleepier note, camping is back on this fine evening!  Should be a real pleasant one, yet socks are still highly encouraged, as is a cardboard box or two to partition yourself from the golf course which is the Quad.  Let me know if you need a spare box or two – my homeboy Nick just emptied out piles of food sent from his loving parents so there are boxes upon boxes waiting to be slept on.

For those looking to donate, be sure to check out  If you donate via that website, be sure to add in under the ‘Additional Comments’ section that you are donating to the Street Retreat.   Cash donations are also accepted.  The encouraged amount is $1 per day of living on the streets, summing to a grand total of $7.  Not asking anyone to break the bank, but I know that if each of us play a small role we can make a big impact.

Details regarding the Street Retreat are on their way!  Currently my brother is in a study and is more incommunicado than a pet rock.


Week 1 complete! and a Wake ‘N’ Shake phenomenon

Holy smokes – this weekend was insanely awesome!  Obviously it started off with a tremendous night out on the Quad, or actually under the awning of Wait Chapel because the Quad was a bit wet.  Two of my favorite people, Connor and Katherine, joined me for quite a memorable night.  The most clutch play of the night was Connor bringing along his guitar for the camping which provided for ample sing-a-along opportunities.  Sporadic rain accompanied us throughout the night, but our cardboard boxes and blankets kept us comfortable.  At least, Connor and I were comfortable.  Katherine, on the other hand, decided to join the camp sesh after raging at the Barn, and as a result was not adequately prepared for the elements.  Nonetheless, she endured all the concoctions Mother Nature brewed up for us, which included a hefty dose of rain and even a sprinkle of hail, or so my ears remember.

To celebrate a most pleasant camp, Katherine introduced Connor and me to Breakfast, Of Course!, a fairly delicious diner with a pretty awesome bunch of servers too.  The child / curious adolescent in me couldn’t resist the breakfast nachos, a combination of foods which I previously did not know existed.   Meanwhile, Katherine ordered up some classic boring sandwich thing she gets every time while Connor was feeling particularly bold and requested a stack of strawberry pancakes that turned out to weigh more than he did.  Working as a cohesive unit of veteran Quad campers, we devoured all three of our plates.   Never will we waste! And, fun fact, Breakfast, Of Course! does not have a liquor license – just saying.

As of 11 AM, the three of us had already camped and enjoyed the breakfast of a lifetime, so I was pretty much ready to call it a day and hit the sack.  However, little did I know that I was in for one of the most epic day of days with the advent of Wake ‘N’ Shake!  I attended the event two years ago as a young and slightly (highly) intoxicated Sophomore, and it was a blast.  Little did I know what I was missing out on as a sober participant!  Without a doubt one of the most fun days I’ve had at Wake Forest, and it was largely thanks to the amazing spirits of all the people coming together to fight for a good cause.  Derricca on the MC gig was on fire for most of the night, as was Gaby all of the Exec and Morale Crew.  As always, Amanda Finney made it the best time ever.  The event was so well organized that the 12 hours seemed to blow by in what felt closer to 12 seconds.  Best of all, it was all in the name of helping others.  As Derricca would say, “Oh yeah.”

Quad camping resumes tonight!  Monday, Monday – who knows what the day will bring, but here’s to finding out with a smile on the face and a pep in the step.  Gigi Esser, who was also one of the stars at Wake ‘N’ Shake and actually gave me a a fantastic picture of a horse and a fish hangin’ out, has a short motto that fits the recipe no matter the other ingredients.  “Work hard and smile.”  That’s what she says.  Who knew it was that easy…

Party on the Quad Friday Night!

Who is up for some camping?  With a couple boxes beneath you and a blanket or two you’ll be shaped up for one of the coziest snoozing sessions of your life.  In addition to absurd relaxation under the watch of the stars, a formidable crowd is already shaping up, so it could be a good ole fashioned Scout Troop 99 get together.  I cannot promise smores, but I will assure a great Friday night with substantive discussion!

As far as donating to the quickly approaching Street Retreat, Samaritan Inn’s website is still the place to go: Just be sure to mention that your donation is for the Street Retreat.  Here’s to enjoying nature and supporting humanity!

Night 1: Gearing up for a Lovely Spring

Night one was a tremendous success.  After bantering with local Quad walkers and appreciating the shining stars, my amigo Ben and I managed to catch a quality 7 hours of shut eye to arise well-rested and ready to conquer.  Here’s a rundown of the thought regarding Night Numero Uno:

After having a week’s previous experience camping on the quad in the midst of winter, one might think that I would have acquired the knowledge to prepare adequately for the renewed camping adventure; however, minds do tend to forget.  Of course, in the thick of winter, I eventually realized that I should wear four pairs of socks, three on my feet and one on my hands, in order to be warm.  Those extremities get mightily cold!

Whether it was from a bold belief in the warmth of spring or from a lack of application of my experiential knowledge, I definitely neglected to rock the socks, and so found myself quite cold.  But hey, nothing like a refresher course to hammer home the message.  Anyone looking to join me on the Quad this Wednesday, please wear socks, and lots of them!  Being too warm is usually okay, because at the very least you can shed a layer or two, but being too cold, without layers to spare, well…

Quote of the night, after attempting to recruit a passer-byer to join Ben and I on our camping escapades: “It’s a little dewy.”  Well, yeah!  That’s what happens.  And you know what else happens? Donations!  Please check out to aid in supporting this worthy cause.  The homeless can always use our help in overcoming a dire situation.  Be sure to mention you are donating to ‘Street Retreat’ under additional comments.  Thank you!

Game Time! Commence Quad Camping

Quad camping anyone?  You know it will be a good time!  It is a lot like the Occupy movement, except that we aren’t bitter and protesting against the system, man, but instead engaging in an effort to raise awareness for those afflicted with homelessness.

Strange as it may sound, I camped on the Quad several times prior to Spring Break, and let me tell you, it was fantastic!  In many ways those nights were much more enjoyable than indulging in the comforts of my own home.  Definitely looking forward to embarking back on the quest to sleep outdoors and maybe cause a few people to ask some questions or better yet donate a dollar or two or twenty in support of the upcoming Street Retreat!

That’s right – Street Retreat season is oh so very near!  Shortly after graduation in May, my  brother Rob and I, along with a potential few other lucky rascals, will be hitting the streets (location TBD) for a week long excursion into the life of the homeless.  Equipped with nothing other than our smiling faces, the clothes on our back, and a book, we’ll seek to experience just a taste of what living as a homeless person would be like.

In preparation for this retreat to the streets, or as others have called it, an Urban Plunge, I’m seeking to raise at least $1,000 for each day out on the streets, proceeds of which will be donated to homeless shelter (Samaritan Inn Ministries).  To donate, you can go to the website for Samaritan Inn Ministries, a local homeless shelter, at and click on donate, then just be sure to type in “Street Retreat” under ‘Additional Comments’ at the bottom of the page so your donation can be recorded as a contribution towards the cause.

I’ll be camping out on the Quad most Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, so feel free to stop by or join in the fun however your heart desires.  Also, if you feel so inclined to join in the Street Retreat itself, just stop by and we can talk about it.  I assure you, you will cherish the memory.