Night 1: Gearing up for a Lovely Spring

Night one was a tremendous success.  After bantering with local Quad walkers and appreciating the shining stars, my amigo Ben and I managed to catch a quality 7 hours of shut eye to arise well-rested and ready to conquer.  Here’s a rundown of the thought regarding Night Numero Uno:

After having a week’s previous experience camping on the quad in the midst of winter, one might think that I would have acquired the knowledge to prepare adequately for the renewed camping adventure; however, minds do tend to forget.  Of course, in the thick of winter, I eventually realized that I should wear four pairs of socks, three on my feet and one on my hands, in order to be warm.  Those extremities get mightily cold!

Whether it was from a bold belief in the warmth of spring or from a lack of application of my experiential knowledge, I definitely neglected to rock the socks, and so found myself quite cold.  But hey, nothing like a refresher course to hammer home the message.  Anyone looking to join me on the Quad this Wednesday, please wear socks, and lots of them!  Being too warm is usually okay, because at the very least you can shed a layer or two, but being too cold, without layers to spare, well…

Quote of the night, after attempting to recruit a passer-byer to join Ben and I on our camping escapades: “It’s a little dewy.”  Well, yeah!  That’s what happens.  And you know what else happens? Donations!  Please check out to aid in supporting this worthy cause.  The homeless can always use our help in overcoming a dire situation.  Be sure to mention you are donating to ‘Street Retreat’ under additional comments.  Thank you!


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