Camus is Clutch, as are Donations

Monday night’s camp seemed lonely compared to Friday night’s jamboree, yet I’ll be the first and only one capable of admitting that it was still a terrific time, despite unfriendly temperatures.  I sought Camus’s warmth from within, and found it within a few minutes of snuggling up in the sleeping bag.  For roughly the first thirty minutes of resting, my body was way too pumped with adrenaline and other happy chemicals that could not get over the beauty of the night sky.  Sleep was not an option.

Eventually, I zonked out, yet proceed to wake a few times throughout the night to students walking by, questioning if in fact I was a person or just a large globular mass.  One person also remarked that it couldn’t possibly be safe to sleep on the quad, to which I wittily and silently retorted, “If you only knew.”

On a sleepier note, camping is back on this fine evening!  Should be a real pleasant one, yet socks are still highly encouraged, as is a cardboard box or two to partition yourself from the golf course which is the Quad.  Let me know if you need a spare box or two – my homeboy Nick just emptied out piles of food sent from his loving parents so there are boxes upon boxes waiting to be slept on.

For those looking to donate, be sure to check out  If you donate via that website, be sure to add in under the ‘Additional Comments’ section that you are donating to the Street Retreat.   Cash donations are also accepted.  The encouraged amount is $1 per day of living on the streets, summing to a grand total of $7.  Not asking anyone to break the bank, but I know that if each of us play a small role we can make a big impact.

Details regarding the Street Retreat are on their way!  Currently my brother is in a study and is more incommunicado than a pet rock.



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