Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Fear.  How many times has fear held you back?  I find myself on a daily occurrence wanting to do something but deciding against it because of some bizarre sort of irrational fear.  Even just talking with people, I find myself afraid to approach strangers, yet in reality the people I seek to approach are likely some of the most peaceful, loving, and kind people on the planet.

I mention fear because I think it is a primary force that holds me back from doing my very best, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one.  Fear sucks. And most of the time it doesn’t make sense.  But we allow ourselves to believe in a standard of ‘normality’ that suggests that its wrong to talk to strangers or to smile at them or to say good morning to people we pass on the street, yet all of those things are completely harmless and actually spread a lot more peace and good than they do anything else.  There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to greeting people.

My friend John told me to today about a story out of a magazine titled “Jumpers,” and it was about people who jump off bridges.  Apparently, someone in San Francisco wrote a suicide note something along the lines of, “I am going to walk to the bridge today.  If no one smiles at me or says hello to me, I will jump.” He jumped.

To think his life could have been saved by such a small and simple gesture, something any one of us is capable of doing – and yet no one did.  Why do we hold up all of our love and joy and peace inside of us?  Why don’t we share it with others?  Emotions are contagious, and the more love we share with the world, the more the world is consumed by love, and then we too will be consumed by love.  These powerful emotions do nothing if they sit dormant within us – we must activate them with action!

During my week on the streets, I hope to overcome many of my fears, and say hi, hello, or smile at nearly every person who passes me.  I do not want to take anyone’s life for granted, because I believe that each life is special and worthy of reverence.  During my week on the streets, I’m hoping to become more and more awe-struck by the beauty of life.  It is something we too often take for granted, yet if we really take the time to appreciate any one single thing around us for what it truly is, we might soon come to realize that we don’t have the slightest idea what anything truly is, that the world is so mysterious and so miraculous that we cannot even come close to fathoming it in its truth. Just to think that on the molecular level our whole world is vibrating around us, yet we see none of it, imagine what else we are not seeing.  If we want to, I think we can choose to see love, and overcome all fear with great love.  It is simply a matter of tuning our awareness and allowing ourselves to be consumed by love.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

  1. I completely agree with everything you’re saying here! Even the slightest mannerism of love can touch a stranger- a crack of a smile or a simple wave or even just the acknowledgement of their essence. Sometimes that is all it takes. I have tried just smiling or saying hello to strangers while walking around at the mall or on campus at UNC and this idea is so foreign to people. They look around them as if I was talking to someone else rather than them just because they don’t know me. Its amazing how foreign a hello can be.

    • You are so right! It’s kind of strange and sad how some people will respond in a frightened manner if you say hi to them. Also received a far number of negative responses if I say, “Peace” to someone. For some reason, some of us are scared by thoughts of Peace! The good news is, I think the more we openly share goodness with other people, slowly but surely, the world will open up to the understanding that people are genuinely good, and that we are all a wonderful adventure together meant to be enjoyed in the simplest of ways.

      p.s. Still haven’t made it to lunch yet at the Inn…soon enough! And, obviously, you’re awesome! Peaceee

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