Watching Television…

Can anything good ever come of it?  Of course!  Seek and ye shall find.  Just the other night I happened to sit down with a friend in front of a grandiose 42’ screen to watch Game of Thrones.  I had never seen the show before, but it seems like whenever people talk about TV, that show usually pops up in the conversation.

So there I was, watching this epic Game of Thrones show I’d heard so much about but never watched before, and this was one of the first time watching an actual show (not sports) on television in months.

Once the show started, I was immediately overcome with a sense of waste and lack of fulfillment.  Certainly, I could be doing better than things than watching a television.  Alas, I sat resolute in the comfortable seat and explored my friend’s lifestyle with him.

Okay – that didn’t last long.  I stood up and walked outside.  After venting some stress with a couple pseudo-karate/yoga moves, I went back inside to see if I could derive some value and meaning from the show.

Much to my surprise, boom!  It hit me.  All I needed was a single sentence, maybe even just a word to tantalize my thought and provide me with an anchor to appreciate the show.  Suddenly, a kinglike figure began to speak to his presumed son, “What is it you really want in life?”  That was all I needed to hear.  Faith in humanity had been in restored.

As much as I’m severely against watching television, to the extent that it leads to us withering away into our sofas and puts us in eerie states of forgetfulness and indifference to the world, I have not doubted that the people who make television shows have good intentions.  Or, at least, they realize that to make a compelling television show, they have to not only relate to the human condition, but also help people understand it.  By posing the question, “What is it you really want in life?” the writer gave the audience a supreme opportunity to turn off the television and pause.  Reflect.

Only shortly after the Street Retreat finished did I ever consider what it is that I really want in life.  After a lot of thought, which still continues on today, I have articulated and re-articulated what exactly it is I want in life.  To answer the question requires not only time, but also a desire to live a fulfilled life.  Answering the question might lead to some pretty severe questioning of one’s current position, so approach the loaded question with caution.  And, as dangerous as the question might be to answer, I highly encourage everyone to give it a shot.  Give it a thought.  Take the time to get to know yourself and understand what is it you want in life.


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