Miracles of the Moment

Recently I’ve grown in my appreciation for many of the miracles of this most wondrous creation, and it struck me that the universe is so entirely beyond my own understanding, and in fact my very presence here and now is completely above my own reasoning and any attempt to know how I am where I am or what puts me here as opposed to anywhere else is far more complex than I care to fathom. Certainly you could trace the entirety of my life and it might ostensibly appear that my here and now is completely logical and simply a traveling from A to B, but in terms of my own thinking and the processing of the massive number of decisions, interpretations, and opinions that were made to place me here rather than somewhere else likely ranges well into the numbers that I cannot name. Rather than attempt such a feat, I’ll accept ignorance, and continue to wonder.  The circumstances of the here and now are so far beyond us, yet so completely relevant to our lives – it is hard to do anything but smile.

So what do we do with such stark chances that we are anywhere, much less exactly where we are here and now?  I don’t think we can do much else but claim ignorance and marvel in the miracle of it all.  Absolutely, we should not take our here and now for granted, because every moment is the summation of the entirety of one’s life, and to think the moment is anything but extraordinary is depriving yourself of a whole lot of love, peace, and enjoyment.

Even acknowledging the miracles of the here and now, what do we do with it?  Just smile and move on?  Likely many people will do that, and perhaps that is the best idea, because if we take a minute to ponder the placement of every object in our here and now, and even consider our own life history that amounts to this moment, then we might become completely awestruck and incapable of moving anywhere else. Paralysis may strike.  It almost struck me while meditating in Times Square surrounded by hundreds of people – why would I ever want to leave?  There are certainly some moments that may be more memorable than others, but the truth is that all are equally miraculous.  All are expressions of the entirety of our lives, and we are responsible to do and to be in the here and now and nowhere else.  Do not discount the present for the future!  The future is imaginary, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow.  Only when we take time to slow down and live in the moment do we begin to smell what life is all about.

Appreciate what is.  And just be.  Breathing is a good start.  How often do we take our breathe for granted?  Or our hands? Eyes? Legs?  Even our ability to think, or to smile?  Some of the most miraculous of gifts were given to us at birth, yet we seem to forget about them.  There is a great poem by Dr. Tennyson Guyer in which he places us all in perspective of the gifts we’ve been given.  We have access to many of these gifts all the time, in the moment, so long as we choose to acknowledge the miracle of ourselves.  Once we cherish ourselves, we can then move on to cherishing others and the entirety of the world around us.  After all, miracles persist in every moment.

Here is a link to the poem by Dr. Tennyson Guyer entitled “The World is Mine.” : http://www.ldfr.com/worldismine/

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