What Would You Like to Teach to Others?

We all have learned some specialized knowledge throughout our lifetime that transcends the ordinary teachings of the classroom.  More than the Pythagorean Theorem, the date of the Emancipation Proclamation, and what elements compose water, we all possess far more practical knowledge that we use in our ever day lives.  The knowledge I speak of is not necessarily used to create a specific product for a customer, but it is knowledge we apply to ourselves so that we live happier and more fulfilled lives.

As an example, many of us have likely realized how good it feels to smile or to take a deep breathe. We also might have discovered how good it feels to stretch, or to laugh, or to sing, just because we can.  Even more, some of us might have a deep passion for animals, or for nature, and we are educated in such a way that allows us to soak in the beauties of the natural world more than an ordinary person.  We all have our own way of seeing and being in the world, and there is nothing to say that anyone person’s way is perfect, yet certainly we all likely have our special activity that gives us a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.  We also have the ability to share our special moment with each other, so that we may revel in the moment of our special act together.

To do something repeatedly for an hour each day because you enjoy it and all the benefits it provides to you is a gift, and it is a gift worth sharing.  What personal treasure of yours would you like to share with others?  What brings you a great sense of joy? Don’t keep it to yourself!

We all have treasures worth sharing.  We also possess the ability to develop treasures through practice.  For myself, I’ve recently taken up juggling, and each time I do it I sense some signs of improvement, and that personal growth in my abilities brings me joy. Especially when I remember that the better I get a juggling, the more capable I become at sharing the joy with others.  Also, research in neuroscience suggests that juggling actually increases the size of our brains and increases our visual motor functions.  Perhaps most importantly, for me, juggling is a way to train my focus and attunement with the present moment.

Here is one of many articles online about the health benefits of juggling: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/HEALTH/05/24/pl.juggling/

It is a very special and meaningful kind of education when we get to share information that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.  As Emerson said, “Every man is my superior in that I learn from him.”  Just so, let us share our treasures with others!

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