What is the Ideal Education?

An ideal education is one that allows us to experience the greatest feelings we know at all times.  The tricky part about education is that ‘the greatest feelings we know’ are only defined by what we know.  Without experiencing love, how can we experience love all the time, or know love, or love others?  For anyone who knows love, you must share love with others!  A lot of people in this world do not know what love is, or do not know what we peace is, or joy, or goodness, or gratitude.  In this way, people are deprived of an ideal education!  By living in love, peace, joy, and goodness, or at least striving to do so – assuming we all have at least some sort of ideas of what love, peace, joy, and goodness are – then people can learn from experiencing us that such feelings do exist.  We have to live the experience that we want ourselves to experience at all times, and as we do that, we allow others to learn of our ideal experience and how we understand love, peace, joy, and goodness.  We cannot define these words with more words – we can only define them by our actions and our way of being, our presence.

What does love look like in action?  Or peace, or joy, or goodness?  I don’t know.  I do, however, have an idea, and so I am striving to live in love so much as I understand, and, ideally, each day my understanding of it grows, and so I can live in more love than the previous day.  Only by attempting to live in love will we ever make any strides to experiencing it more and more.  And, if there is one worthy endeavor, is it not to experience love at all times?  By allowing yourself to strive for a life filled with love in action, you allow others to learn from experiencing you.  You let others know that there is love in the world, or at least that people are seeking to have love.  By having loves ourselves, we can then share it with others.

Just because something like ‘World Peace’ is the canned answer for what any Miss America contestant wishes for – that doesn’t mean that World Peace is not a worthy cause!  World Peace is a very real possibility, and so much as we strive to live in a personally peaceful world, we will radiate peace and share the experience of peace with others.  Our experience of life is contagious, and we are all each others teachers whether we want to be or not.  We all influence each other, and so we should all do everything within our power to influence everyone in the absolute best way that we can by striving to live our ideals at all times.  When we strive to live in a world filled with love or peace or perpetual joy – whatever your ideal might be – only then can others experience our own ideals.

It is sad how so many people are deprived of love in this world.  Or, if they have experienced love, it was probably a fleeting moment that they considered rare and possibly never to return again.  Some people think they have experienced love and that it will never return.  And, when people think love will never return, they live in hopelessness, despair, and misery.  But that does not have to be the case!  Love is available to us at all times, and we have the power to share love with others, to brighten others’ days, and to be the change we want to see in the world.  We are allowed to pursue anything we want in life, and experience anything we believe is good, and by us striving for and experiencing goodness, we share that positive experience with others and allow others to learn from us.

Let us all accept responsibility for our connectivity in this world, and realize that we are always setting an example whether we want to or not.  People will always learn from us, whether or not we think we are teaching them anything.  As responsible individuals, we have the ability to set an example worthy for emulation at all times – so long as we strive to live in a way that we believe is genuinely good.  Strive to live in love and you will find that you grow in love each and every day, and you allow the world to do the same.


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