How would you Live your Last Day?

I was blessed this morning by my friend Kevin who played a song titled “One Day” by UGK.  The songs refrain goes, “One day you’re here, baby, and then you’re gone.”  Listening to the song placed me in perspective of my life, and helped me realize how often I take life for granted and belief I will keep on living for another 30, 50, 60 years – yet there is no telling what today might bring.  Today could very well be my last day, and so I don’t want to live today any differently than I would live my last day.  In order to live in such a way, that requires me to know how I want to live my last day.  Hooray for our power to think!

How do you want to live your last day of life?  This is an important question for all of us to answer, because in today’s day and age, death is a very real possibility at any moment.  Thousands die in car accidents every day – what is to say that couldn’t be one of us?  People die from heart attack, cancer, all kinds of disease.  Of course, let’s not forget the absurd stockpile of nuclear weapons that could blow up the world 100 times over.  Why we have that many weapons I have no idea – perhaps we are preparing to defend ourselves against aliens – in which case, holy smokes! Aliens!!! That’s just one more reason to consider that today might be our last day.

Pondering such a question should not be a morbid thought.  Rather, it is a beautiful thing to consider, because when we think about the end of our lives, we realize what is actually important to us.  Sometimes we spend our time thinking about petty concerns that really are of no practical concern to us when we consider our last day.  Placing ourselves in perspective with our last day will help us to elevate our preferences and focus on what we really believe in.

Taking life for granted is easy to do in this age of hyper-stimulation, planning, and savings, yet thinking about our last day can reveal our truest self.  Shakespeare supported, “Know thyself,” and it is strange to think that we do not know ourselves, but I think he was definitely right.  We have a responsibility to know ourselves and to be true to ourselves, and the only way to do that is to answer tough questions.

Here are a few more questions to consider regarding the last day.  To consider these, perhaps don’t consider yourself lying on a death bed, but instead walking along the streets of your hometown, passing both people you as well as strangers.  It is an ordinary day and you are in good health, yet you know you will not make it to tomorrow. How would you like to treat others?  How would you like to feel about anyone and everyone who crosses your path on that last day?  What would you want to think about yourself and about how you are living in the moment?  What would you pursue?  Would you want to accomplish anything or share something with other people? Is there any lesson you would want to impart upon the world?  What would you want to give to others?  What would you want to talk about?  How would you want to breathe?  What expression would you like to carry on your face?  How would you like to understand any notion of God, a Divinity, or Higher Power?

Okay – now you are walking by the last person you will ever talk to before you die.  What will you say to them?  What will you share with them?

I hope this exercise has been helpful, and that you have the courage to take the time to answer the questions using your magnificent mind.

Until next time – Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity, whatever it is that you want, it is yours! Hallelujah. 🙂

2 thoughts on “How would you Live your Last Day?

    • Whooaaa Yasmin that’s awesome. Glad to hear you’re interested in homeless adventures – definitely an exciting time. Will check out your undoubtedly stellar writing after a quick yoga sesh. Gotta loosen up the shoulders.
      Until then – Peace! 🙂

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