We have Superpowers! Or at least, Let’s Pretend.

Let’s just pretend we all have superpowers and can create and have anything we want in life.  What do we really want? Is it a material possession or is it some sort of feeling?

If you could have anything in the world, no limits, what would it be?  More importantly than whether or not you can actually have such a thing, does it make sense to go for it with all of your might?  We do not know the limits of our potential, and to limit ourselves to not being able to have what we want is just shrinking and depriving ourselves of the joys of living and the good times that follow from pursuing a worthy cause.

We would all benefit by taking the time to decide what is it is we really want in life.  Achieving a singular focus is difficult, but it is so worth it!  Only once we have our focus can we commit every ounce of our being to the pursuit of our worthy goal.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were so clear on what you wanted that you committed every second of your day to getting it.  You and everyone else would probably be amazed at how quickly you grow as a person and achieve the results you desire.

Your focus does not have to be acquiring X amount of dollars, although many of us are deceived into believing that accumulation of material wealth is the most surefire measure of success.  When we take time to think, we will realize that any desire we have for money is just a stepping stone to something greater.  What is that greater something?  Make that your focus, and the material wealth, if it is necessary, will surely follow.

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