Beatles’ Wisdom

A wonderful night at Samaritan Inn Ministries reminded me once again of the all-too-true lyric in the Beatles song, “Money.” Before the Beatles begin ranting about how much money they want, they preface the rant with, “The best things in life are free,” and that is exactly what I experienced last night at the Inn.

Every night, the Inn opens its doors to the homeless and volunteers to come together in the Spirit of goodwill and fellowship.  The place booms with energy, as everyone flows in loving acceptance of one another, no matter what kind personal experiences result in us coming together at the Inn.

Last night, I was particularly fortunate to volunteer with some of the most kind and enthusiastic people I’ve ever come across.  As we served the community together, we also served each other in reminding one another of the genuine goodness that flows through each one of us.  The best part about the night – it was all free!

I believe the Beatles hit the nail on the head when they uttered the words, “The best things in life are free,” yet they, like many people in the world, deny the simplicity and beauty of such a fact and proceed to pursue money instead of cultivating the gifts given to us at birth, as well as the gifts of friendship and communion with other people.  Sometimes we think that only material accumulation can validate us in society, when in reality we are the only ones who can truly ever validate ourselves.  We are responsible to accept ourselves and also accept others.  In doing so, we can grow in appreciation of the most precious, free, gifts in all of Creation.


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