An Email from my Dad

Last night in the library, I read one of the most touching emails ever.  It was from my dad. Simply stated, he wrote:

“Brad, is there anything I can help you with?   Love and Peace, Dad”

I began to answer the prompt matter-of-factly, insisting that no, I currently did not need help with anything.  I quickly realized that there were plenty of ways in which he could help me, but what overcame my being more than anything was the incredible amount of love, generosity, and support my dad shared with me throughout my development as an individual.

Soon, I could not do anything but cry.  And then laugh, and smile.  And write some more.  Gratitude filled my being, and at that moment I think I experienced what might be called love-consciousness.  I felt everything my father shared with me over the ages, and there was so much gratitude and joy.  Then to think that he was offering to help me even more – it was all too much.  The tears flowed and it felt amazing.  His love for me became so real in that moment, as I not only recalled all he shared with me in the past, but also the present-minded dosage of love he shared with me then.  Right now, too, I know the love is here.  For that, I am most grateful.

Love is always with us.  Sometimes we unknowingly replace our experience of love with newspapers, television shows, and other trivial matters that are well beyond our immediate reality.  We have a tendency to displace ourselves from reality by connecting with sources beyond ourselves and not necessarily relevant to our lives.  We look for answers on the internet, on television, and in books.  Not to say there is not some amazing wisdom to be found all around us, yet it seems like we sometimes look for less fulfilling experiences than what is actually worthy of us.

We are worthy of love, and we are worthy and capable of enjoying life no matter what.  The problem sometimes becomes that people don’t really look to enjoy their lives but simply to pass the time.  Moments like these, recounting the experience of reading my dad’s email and now living back in that state of love, remind me of how beautiful life is at all times, so long as we look for the beauty.

Whatever we want, it is here and now.  If we want to simply pass the time, we can do that.  If we want to have a truly great experience of love, joy, and peace, we can have that too.  As soon as we slow down and realize the gifts we have been given – at the very least, our bodies and our magnificent minds – we can all live on much higher planes of existence.  Nature too, is a gift.  Family is a gift, friends are a gift.  All of these gifts are free!  What a wonderful world we live in that gives us such wonderful treasures, asking nothing in return but some good ole-fashioned loving.

The Beatles are so wise! “Love is all you need.”  Thankfully, Love is free!


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