Love and Be Love

Hallelujah! It is most definitely a beautiful and wonderful day.  No matter what trials you may face today, remember that you are loved.  Such a statement will remain true for the rest of your life and beyond, for we are all participating in a miraculous experiment, and each one of us, at our cores, is pure love.  We are made of love, and so our ultimate gift to others is to be the love that we are.  By doing so, we give our love and receive love in return.

Each time someone crosses our path, we have the opportunity to awaken them to the miracle of the moment.  By simply smiling or greeting strangers, we all possess the ability to move someone into a greater state of awareness and joy.  Whatever we externalize for the world to perceive, our expression is interpreted as a factual experience.  Other people cannot know what we experience on the inside, but they do know what we project outwardly and share with others.  Therefore, even if we are at complete peace and in fact love the people who are walking by us on the street, they will not know of our love for them unless we share it with them.  Sharing love with strangers can be as simple as smiling at them, or if you feel particularly called, in the moment, perhaps you will wish them a “Merry Christmas!” or a “Happy New Years!”  Don’t worry – such wishes are completely acceptable to share with strangers, because undoubtedly you have yet to wish them either.  It is never too far past January 1 to wish someone a “Happy New Years!”

The more we share ourselves openly with others, the more we realize that we’ve always had a goodness flowing through us.  Love is in us, and we can experience at any time, so long as we share it with the rest of the world.  We only receive in proportion to what we give.  As we give more and more love each day, our awareness will heighten to experience greater levels of love in each moment.


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