“We are Forgetful Creatures.”

How often do we forget how blessed we are?  Anyone who is reading this is most definitely blessed.  You have eyes!  What a magnificent gift.

My friend Laurel used to remind me all the time – “We are forgetful creatures.”  Unfortunately, I’m forgetful and sometimes forget that she shared that wisdom with me.

With our fast-paced lifestyles, we easily lose our sense of self in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day living.  Some of us, if not the vast majority, still have not even found ourselves for the first time.  We do not know our deepest passions or what we truly love.  For the lucky few who do know, they too might forget.  We all forget.

We forget our love, our passions, and all the gifts we’ve been given for free in our lives.  Our eyes – free!  Our family – free!  Friends – free!  Our Spirit, heart, body, mind, tongue, hands, feet – the list goes on – it was all given to us for…how much?  For free!

Who would ever give us so many wonderful amazing gifts for free?  What a generous Creator we must have.  Thank you for the hookup J

Now, at this very moment, we are hopefully more aware of these invaluable gifts shared with us, and perhaps we are a bit more thankful than usual, dare I say grateful, for these gifts.  Can we smile about the awesomeness of such gifts?  Of course!

We are always allowed to smile.  In fact, we always have a great reason to smile.  We are blessed.  God is good.  We have been given much, and we can always give a smile to express our gratitude.

The truth remains, “We are forgetful creatures.”  We lose ourselves.  We lose sight of our gifts -we lose touch with God.

How can we combat our own forgetfulness so that we become more aware of the always present joys in our life?  Meditate!

Meditation is different for each person.  Essentially, it is a process of focusing your essence on a singular point.  For example, you can focus on how wonderfully blessed you are, and then think about all the gifts in your life.  You can think about all the Love in this world.  You can think about God, or whatever you believe is completely good.  Focus your thoughts on what you believe is pure, on what you believe is great.  The more we think pure thoughts, the more we purify ourselves.  The more we think about Love, the more we experience Love.  So simple, yet so true.  It is a beautiful world.

Think goodness. Hear goodness. See goodness. Feel goodness. Be goodness!

We are forgetful creatures, that much I remember – for now.  The good news is that our awareness, like developing any other sort of gift, can be trained with practice. We can train ourselves to forget less and grow in our ability to remember that which we believe is most important.

When we choose to remember all the gifts in our life, we move ourselves into a state of gratitude.  Being grateful, as you probably know, is a great feeling.  The best part about gratitude is that it simply requires us to remember what we’ve had with us all along.

If you struggle to experience gratitude for the basic yet magnificent gifts endowed to each of us at birth, try blindfolding yourself for an hour, or a day, maybe even a week.  Then you will perhaps get a taste of how blindness feels.  Maybe fast for a day or two so you can catch a glimpse of how some people understand the phrase, “I’m hungry.”

We are all incredibly blessed, and have great reasons to experience joy at every moment of our lives.  If you don’t believe me, I urge you to experiment with life and maybe deprive yourself of something you normally take for granted.  Let your experience with less teach you of how much you always have.

Meditation, in many ways, is an experience of deprivation.  The traditional meditative posture involves sitting completely still, as though we have no functionality of our legs.  Some people who meditate also deprive themselves of the use of their eyes, by either closing them or steadying the gaze on a fixed point.  At the same time, if you talk to anyone who meditates regularly, they will likely share with you that meditation is the highlight of the day for them.  Why is that?  Something special happens when we sit down, close our eyes, and just breathe.  But, please, do not take my word for it!  Experience it yourself.


p.s. On a related note, I made a vow of silence for the day.  However, as I was finishing up these thoughts, I was so excited about sharing this message that I completely forgot about the vow of silence and said, “Kevin, you got to read this!”  So forgetful.  Here’s to our ability to train our minds to remember, to meditate, and find Peace within


One thought on ““We are Forgetful Creatures.”

  1. Being that I am a very forgetful creature, I particularly loved this one, Brad! Thanks for always keeping it real & for being such a wonderful person to know!

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