Every Step Counts on the Path to Peace

We are all on a journey together.  Each of us may have our individual journeys, but ultimately I believe that our journey through this world is one that we embark on together.  What is at the end of our journey?  World Peace – Heaven on Earth – whatever you understand as the ultimate good.  As a lovely lady once sang,

Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We’ll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

Put Love first and we just might have Heaven on Earth!

Every step moves us along our path.  Some of us may not accept our grand roles in the quest for World Peace, yet that seems like an ideal that pretty much everyone in the world would agree on.  A peaceful world – no violence, abundance for all – a world filled with Love, Joy, and Peace.  Certainly there would be no stereotyping or judgment, and we would all be free to do exactly what we believe is the right thing to do at any given moment.  We’d be free to live fully by our intuition, knowing that we are completely good and at peace with ourselves and the world.

Living by intuition requires trusting in ourselves – something many of us don’t do.  We don’t trust ourselves to sit quietly and think, or to have the discipline to exercise every day or perform well at work.  We doubt our abilities and make excuses to prevent us from doing our best.  With peace, no such doubting or distrust would exist.  We would have inner-peace at all times, regardless of whatever task we are doing.  Even with physical labor, we would be at peace, for peace is an internally derived state, not something determined by one’s external environment.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across some words by a monk, Ajahn Chah, who essentially created hundreds of metaphorical lenses for ways in which he perceives the world.  He was so committed to his teachings that he made all his work available to the public, for free.  His similes are profound, and I’ve only made it through two of them in the past three weeks, still practicing the second one, realizing greater inner-peace as I keep it close to heart.  It goes:

When you see things in the world like banana peels that have no great value for you, then you’re free to walk in the world without being moved, without being bothered, without being hurt in any way by all of the various kinds of things that come and pass away, whether pleasant or unpleasant.  This is the path that leads you to freedom.”

If we start accepting the external world as a banana peel, and realizing that our greatest, strength, love, peace, and joy is always within us, then we will soon free ourselves from material attachments as well as fears, addictions, judgment, and all other entrapments that hold us back from being our true selves.  Only when we are free will we have inner-peace.


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