Why Love?

Perhaps “Why Love?” is the more important question to answer rather than “What is Love?” or “How do we Love?”  The answers to the two previous questions are meaningless without first having a reason to love.  As Nietzsche once said, “He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.” What is our compelling WHY to live and love?

To discover our compelling WHY to love, we can first look at our various compelling reasons for other activities that we do.  Why do we get up in the morning?  My compelling reason is that today is a wonderful opportunity to experience God’s complete Love and Goodness and share the gift with others.  What is your reason for waking up today?

In a similar way, my compelling reason to love is because I believe that is the greatest gift act we can do, and experiencing God’s Love is our greatest opportunity given to us at every moment.  One of the best qualities of love is that it isn’t a limited resource, meaning that as we use it, we are not depleted of our capacity to love.  Rather, as we love, we grow in our ability to share even greater love with the world.  Loving is like a sport – the more we practice, the better we get at doing it.

I choose to love because I know of no better experience, however I am always open to suggestions.  Until next time — keep on loving!


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