What if all People agreed to Pursue the same Mission in Life?

Agreement.  Without agreement, we have nothing.  Our whole life is constructed upon a series of agreements, and if we do not agree to our current circumstances, we change them.  We come together with our friends and family because we agree on at least one principle – love! – and with such agreement we function in harmony with each other.  Of course, times when we are not in harmony with one another, we are disagreement over something less powerful than love, which is why, at the end of day, disagreements over politics, movies, cars – none of it really matters.  Love always wins.

I’m wondering, is there anything that we all can agree on?  All people, no matter the race, religion, or creed – can we agree on anything?  Imagine if the entire world united under the same guiding principle – the possibilities are endless!

Each day, we can wake up and decide to pursue something so good that every single person on the planet agrees with it.

We like to distinguish ourselves from others and create a false sense of superiority by discriminating against others.  By knocking others down, we think we are building ourselves up.  Not surprisingly, though, such discrimination does not breed love, but only hate.  And who wants to live in a hateful world? Not me!

Reflecting back on the most joyous times in life, mine occurred when surrounded by people I love and agree with.  I might judge from time to time, but with family and friends a general rule is that we accept them for who they are more than we judge and criticize them.  Or, if we are judging and criticizing, the communication is not loving, so the point remains that discriminating only creates a hateful world, empty of love.  We cannot hate and love at the same time, and certainly we’d rather love than hate.  So, as Ellen DeGeneres posts on her mirror in her dressing room, “I choose love.”

When we love, we listen.  When we listen, we grow in understanding for the other, and whatever disagreements might exist between two people evaporate into the mist of irrelevance, transcended by a loving acceptance of the other no matter what they might think.  When we choose love, we allow love to triumph over our disagreements and restore peace and harmony amongst people.

Think of someone you love, someone who you accept wholly and completely.  Very likely, you have entered into heated arguments with this person, or maybe you haven’t.  Regardless, you agree that you love them now.  Isn’t that a great feeling?  To know that we can disagree with people yet still bring ourselves to love them at the end of the day – it is a wonderful gift we can share with all people.

Rather than perceive people as walking clouds of confusion that are well beyond our comprehension and therefore dangerous to our very survival, let us start making some more positive assumptions.  Let us assume that the person is good, and that if we are good to them, they will be good to us.  Let us assume they love us, and so let us love them too!  Until our direct experience tells us otherwise, let us assume the best.  The world is much better than the news would have us believe.  When we choose to experience the world for ourselves, rather than allow others to tell us what to think, we will liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs and false assumptions about how everyone is out to get us and steal our Kit-Kat Bar. Instead, assume the best!

Can we all agree to assume the best of people?  Love the world and you will experience Love in return.  All people are good people when we give them a chance 🙂


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