I Heard the Most Fascinating Noise Today…

For two days in a row now, I’ve had the most fortunate pleasure of hearing one of the most amazing sounds in the world.  Can you guess what sound I’m referring to?

I’m currently staying with a friend who has access to a pool, so the past two mornings I’ve spent some time swimming, walking, and sitting in the pool . Sitting is by far my favorite of the three activities, and it was when I was sitting at the bottom of the pool that the most beautiful noise resonated throughout my whole body.

Beat by beat, my heart pounded away.  It shocked me to think that my heart actually made a noise – I had no heard a peep from it in so many years! Just when I thought I was all alone and could finally appreciate some true silence, my heart kept me company.  Thankfully, it didn’t stop.

Sometimes I forget that I have a heart.  With all the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, remembering that we all have hearts that beat triumphantly can be asking a lot.  After all, who has time to think about their heart, much less hear it beat?

I cannot quantify the value of hearing my heart beat in dollar bills, but certainly it was one of the most fascinating experiences of life and connected me back with my essence.  It is so rare that we use our time to hone our focus so that we can hear our hearts beat, yet I think it is vitally important that we do so.  We too easily lose touch with our essential humanness, and slowing down our pace to listen to the most beautiful music of our body will help us connect with what’s truly important.


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