Respect Life. Respect Yourself! Education for the Win.

Thanks to a fantastic new friend, Emily, who I would have never met if I didn’t overcome the silly fear of talking to strangers, my passion for food stirred once more deep within my hungry belly.  We are definitely forgetful creatures, and for a very hot minute I forgot about the importance of life – all life.  No matter the form, I think respecting life is a fundamental act we must all participate in. We are, in fact, life.  If we do not respect life, then are we really respecting ourselves?

How does one respect life?  Well…how do you respect yourself?  General forms of self-respect include maintaining good health so to promote optimum levels of energy that allow you to do the things you want to do.  How to achieve peak energy is an ongoing discussion, but suffice it to say that eating good foods and exercise are a start to a pretty sweet lifestyle and tapping into whatever energy you need to pursue your passions.  Now then, let’s continue to break the question down – what is good food?  Well, that is for you to find out!

We should all educate ourselves regarding good health practices, especially food consumption.  What is good food?  What we put into our bodies is vitally important to determining our state of wellbeing. We are what we eat.  Unfortunately, food is such an every-day occurrence that we may easily take it for granted and not think twice about what we are putting into our bodies.

We are literally allowing something to enter our bodies and become part of us.  Shouldn’t we know what our food is?  Maybe where it comes from, how it was grown, what nutritional benefits it has to us?  Food can be our best friend or our worst enemy depending on how much we become conscious of what we are eating and make the right decisions.

Next to faith and the meaning of life, I believe food is of primary importance for us all to learn about.  We will never be our best selves if we do not learn about what we are putting into our body.  We have a responsibility to ourselves to treat our bodies to the best of our ability, and we can only do that when we educate ourselves regarding healthy foods and exercise.

Simply put: We all want to be our best, right?  We want to live with maximum amounts of energy, yeahhh?  The only way that happens is by maximizing the goodness of the foods we eat, exercise like a champion, build mental fortitude and inner-peace.  Not surprisingly, the knowledge required to make such decisions and achieve an optimum state is not necessarily intuitive, so we have a responsibility to educate ourselves as to what is best.  Do it to it!

Our ability to learn is a tremendous gift, as is our ability to teach.  Cherish the gifts and cherish your own magnificent abilities to give and grow.


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