Psychologists and “Crazy People” – Maybe We Should Listen

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with two psychologists over this summer, one in a clinical setting and the other I met just this morning.  Both were overwhelmingly accepting and open to ideas.  They are interested and interesting, and they don’t seem to believe that anything is outside the realm of possibilities – even World Peace.  They listen very well, and seem to have found a great source of peace within themselves.

In some ways, I see these psychologists as Truth Seekers.  After all, where better to find the Truth than through someone deemed “crazy” by the rest of society?  To me, society seems much more crazy than “crazy people.”  So many of us complacently live in the midst of genocide (both animal and human), kill ourselves with toxic foods, and look to material possessions to provide us with a sense of fulfillment in life – it’s all kind of ridiculous.  The standard “crazy person,” on the other hand, I think has simply done a lot of time realizing the horrors that pass underneath everyone’s noses without any sense of concern.  They experience the indifference that has infected so many.  Worse, I think the “crazy person” acknowledges the suffering and tragedy of human institutions and yet feels powerless to fight against them.  As human, the “crazy person” probably feels a sense of responsibility to pursue justice, bringing an end to the horrors of human society, while at the same time considers the task much too grand for just an individual.  Meanwhile, the “crazy person” is sent to talk to people, to try and sort out some “issues.”

I relate very well with the “crazy person” described above, yet there is a slight distinction which makes a big difference. The key, for me, has been to remember that I am fully capable and worthy of achieving and experiencing Peace and Goodness at every moment, regardless of how the rest of the world might be operating.  I am also completely free to pursue justice and do what I believe is right at every given moment.  I have nothing to be afraid of.  I believe my conscience is good.  I trust in myself and the gifts endowed to me by the beautiful creative force that spawned and is this miraculous Creation.  We are all a part of it.  We are one with it. As much as there is great suffering and injustice, there is also tremendous joy and love.  We can all experience it, at any time, so much as we believe in our inherent goodness and align with that voice inside of us that tells us what is right.  If we continue to act against our conscience, we will experience less than what we are capable.  Inner-Peace comes from trust in oneself and a sense of goodness in one’s actions, and from there we can all promote the Peace of the World.

We might all benefit from listening to a “crazy person” from time to time, and perhaps realize that they aren’t quite as crazy as we think.  Have you personally ever been so moved by some concept or awareness of some issue that makes you cry out in the streets and talk to every person you pass?  Have you ever felt so alive and in light of some truth that you cannot help but speak as loudly as you can and do your very best to share your light with the world?  Ordinarily, we consider such actions “crazy,” but those are not crazy actions.  Those are the actions of a convicted person, moved by truth in the world, knowing completely full and well that the message is important and worth being heard.  The message will bring greater Goodness to the world and Peace to people.

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