Hooray! Docked Safely in the Forest

Where to start…my first day back in the aura of Wake Forest has been overwhelming.  Going forth with my direction being that of no-direction, letting go of any sense of planning and simply flowing in the moment, I’ve come across some wonderful people and experienced some intense joy.

Just to document a few of the stand-out events thus far…

1.  After crossing paths with many old friends, I made my way over to the upper Quad.  There I sat for about an hour, admiring the beauty of the campus.  I then went inside Wait Chapel for a bit to read from Cosmic Consciousness and the author’s thoughts on Jesus.

2.  It seemed time for a walk, so I walked.  I cut across a field on a path towards my car, only to hear a guitar playing.  Not knowing who was playing it, only that they were undoubtedly great, I said from a distance, “You guys are awesome!”  Turns out, they were two of my good friends, and they were enjoying their Friday night by jamming out and singing songs about their faith.  I joined them for some time, enjoying the music of the guitar and of the insects.  Sir Ben meandered off early, and so Eliel and I remained to talk about our faith and what’s going on with our lives.  We had a tremendous time discussing the role of Jesus in our lives, Christian teachings as they relate to the teachings of other religions, what we are doing to share our faith with others, miracles, the beauty of the world, and also overcoming the world.  As you might imagine, it was a pretty hefty conversation and I’m still digesting.  Either way – it was a blessing.

3.  Slept in my car – like an angel!  Fetal possession made me think my legs were broken but plenty of Yoga on the Quad in the morning rehabilitated the damage quite well.  Also enjoyed some organ music while praying in the Chapel.  Then it was off to Wake Saturdays…but what, where are they?  Unfortunately did not know find them, so I sat and meditated outside the Sigma Nu lounge for around about an hour.  I was just about to leave when…two of the coolest people ever popped up outta the blue!  Perfect timing I’d say.  We’d ending up going on a love-filled bike ride, broke a day and a half fast with holla bread, banana, and eggs.  Amazingly, beautiful rain began to flow from the sky, and we had a good ole time playing it. Dancing, Lying Down, Yoga, Tai Chai, Standing – we did it all!  We received many strange looks from people driving by, but nonetheless we had an absolute blast enjoying each little rain drop.

Currently sitting inside the library, typing this very word, noticing the sun came out and I could certainly enjoy a walk right about now.

Time to walk!

And, smile of course 🙂

Breathing optional but definitely recommended.

For the record, you’re amazing.

p.s. Food for thought: What does it mean to be “in love” ? Could it be like being in water.  The water touches us everywhere, so much so that we don’t fully understand the feeling.  We just know that it is there, and we are feeling something far from ordinary experience.

Are we in an Ocean of Love?


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