Reverence For Life, Gifts, and Miracles

This Creation and Life Itself is far too magnificent for us to live the way we do.  It seems to me that many people move through the world with an air of indifference towards the wonders all around them.

Reverence is the key word (For more check out some of Albert Schweitzer’s story).  There are ample reasons to revere life and revere this extraordinary opportunity afforded to us.  We have been blessed with bodies, minds, and a conscience that allows us to sing, dance, laugh, cry, play, speak, think, create, destroy – those are just among some of our faculties.  Do you make use of your miraculous self?

As much as we have been blessed with these amazing abilities, we all too easily take them for granted, even take our very lives for granted, and disintegrate into a realm of indifference and ignorance towards the miraculous nature of Creation.  We allow other people to tell us what to do, what to say, and what to think.  We begin to think that laughing is rude, and that crying is embarrassing.  Dancing?  Yeah right, dancing is for fruitpies.    We let cultural norms define the way we live, but why?

The people who construct the cultural norms, as Terence McKenna calls them, “the cultural juggernauts,” are dissatisfied with life, so they want to push you into a state of fear and unworthiness so that you forget about how awesome you really are.  Why do they want you to feel bad about yourself?  So that you’ll give them your money in hopes of feeling good again!  But all too soon, they will convince you once again that what you currently have is not good enough and that you need what is newer, faster, better, stronger – otherwise you will be an outcast again.  Society will not accept you and people will laugh at you, not with you.  Isn’t that terrifying?

The good news is – well there is much good news! – but for one…it doesn’t matter what other people think.  Most of us are brain dead or sleepwalking anyway.  Most people wish they would be doing anything other than what they are currently doing, except for perhaps the rare hours on the weekend when they spend time drinking and forgetting what activities define the majority of their lives.

Truth: you don’t have to live that way!  You have every right to feel good about yourself, heck – even great about yourself!  And you have every reason to take immense joy in every person that crosses your path and each tree that you see.  Life is flourishing all around, and you are part of it!  Life is life, and we are one.  We have nothing to be afraid.  This life was given to us for free, and so we are free to do as we please.  There will always be consequences, certainly, but the reaction to our actions corresponds with the goodness of our action.  If you are acting from a pure, honest, and loving state, then you will receive a pure, honest, loving response.  On the other hand, if you are acting against your conscience, that which tells you what is good and bad, then you will likely receive less than the best.

Do you want the best for yourself?  Then start giving the best to others!  It is amazing what happens when we decide to act a certain way, or even pass the next person on the street thinking we want to brighten their day and offer them a friendly greeting.  We all have the ability to sense intentions and energy from other people.  Therefore, if you intend to share some positive, loving energy with someone, the person will understand your purity of purpose and respond in kind.  There is a lot communicated beyond mere words.

There is no reason to walk through the world alone and afraid.  Whatever the cultural juggernauts tell you is a scam to try to extort from you every last bit of money and pride that you may have.  Don’t succumb to their false advertising!  Look inside yourself for validation.  Accept yourself wholly and completely, right now.  No one else can affirm your beauty but you!  Just the way you are, right now, you are perfect; or should I say, perfectly imperfect.  We all have our faults, but those faults are never enough of a reason for us to feel bad about ourselves or to feel that we are anything less than magnificent.

Do you know how we got here?  I don’t.  Even if you are a master of the sciences, my guess is you are not supremely confident in knowing how exactly you came to be in the exact place you are right now, and somehow decided to be reading this exact statement, right here and right exactly now.   And now the moment has passed forever!  Crazy odds, right?  Love it!

The True Nature of the Universe…yep, definitely not qualified to say anything about that.  I do believe, however, that we were given a great variety of gifts free to us, at birth, and these gifts are among the most amazing treasures in the universe.  Furthermore, by accepting ourselves as wonders of the universe, we will come to realize our incredible potential more and more.  When we make the conscious decision to cultivate our amazing gifts and think for ourselves, we will free ourselves from the grips of culture and begin to experience the beauty that is very much a part of our present reality.

p.s. As much as I love writing and hopefully benefiting all those who read, I’ve been experiencing some great joys in life that may move me to posting much less frequently.  The message is almost always the same anyway.  You are it!  Experience life to the fullest, and cherish everything that is, Here & Now.  Everything that has ever been good, beautiful, loving, kind, joyous, peaceful – it all exists in this present moment!  It is yours 🙂

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