Who are We Kidding? Rain, Farmers, Excess, and Responsibility

What a beautiful day!  It may be cloudy and there is probably an 80% chance of rain, but who ever said rain wasn’t beautiful?  Strangely, many people see that it is raining outside and let the rain dictate the quality of their day.  They see rain and think, “Ohh this day just couldn’t get any worse, and now it has to rain on me too.”  It’s a shame that some people perceive rain as such a bad thing, but I guess when you spend an hour doing your hair in the morning it makes some sense to get upset.  However, perhaps we should all keep in mind that rain is fundamental to our day-to-day survival.

Without rain, how would we ever grow any food?  Well, allow me to correct myself, how would farmers ever grow any food?  You and I probably don’t farm because we might think it’s beneath us and is an occupation reserved for people with less education than we have.  All the while, without those farmers, we perish!  Why is it that farmers get paid so much less than people in the rat race of Corporate America?  Without farmers, none of us would be here!  Farmers are much more essential to our survival than any businessman or businesswoman.  Teachers fall in the same boat…where would we be without our kindergarten teacher to instruct us how to be friendly towards one another and all our elementary school teachers for showing us the ways of reading?  We would be helpless without so many of these ‘basic’ professions, all the while they get paid the least.  What am I missing?

Time, not money, is the common resource we all share together.  To value one person’s time more than another’s is somewhat ridiculous.  What is to say that a farmer should only receive 1/10 in earnings of what a Corporate American makes while only the farmer is doing something essential to our survival as a species?  It doesn’t matter how much has been “invested” in your education to acquire you the skills demanded by Corporate America.  The truth is that time is time – we all have limited amounts of time and each of us cherishes our time and would like to make the most of our precious time while we are here in this corporeal body.   Who are we to say that one person’s time is worth more than another’s?  Sounds a bit dehumanizing.

The way I see it, the lowest paying jobs are some of the most essential jobs for our wellbeing.  Anyone who serves or grows food, cleans up our streets, or teaches our children – those jobs are vital to our existence.  And we pay them the least?  No wonder people spit in burgers.  And no wonder some farmers resort to spraying poisonous pesticides on crops.  I’d be bitter too.  You wonder why education needs reform?  Perhaps because there are not enough incentives to attract the high quality teachers that should be in the positions of great responsibility for educating our youth.

Without healthy food, a clean environment, and good education, our whole system will topple to the ground.  I’m fairly certain we can do without I-bankers, E-traders, and Z-scammers.  These people get paid more to make a single phone call than another person does to manage a classroom of 40 students and teach children how to read.  Absurd?  Yes, quite.

Our way of living and our consumerist tendencies have left so many people eating dust.  The disparity between the rich and the poor continues to grow, and no one seems to care.  Pretty soon, I would not be surprised if there is an uprising.  The disparity is great in America, but also around the world.  Supposedly, every 4 seconds someone dies from starvation or malnutrition – how can we let that happen when we own 3 houses, 7 cars, and an iPad?  These luxuries are not necessary.  People actually need food and water to survive, whereas this excess we bathe ourselves in just leads us to greater dissatisfaction and lower quality of life, because we all know at our core how wrong it is.  We can only deny our conscience for so long.

By all means, though, we have every right to continue to do jobs we don’t like and be a slave to the mighty dollar.  Mighty, not Almighty.  Keep in mind what you are worshipping.  And, if you are unsure what you might be worshipping, look at your actions.  Examine yourself from an outside perspective.  What would the Robin sitting on the branch think of you?  Perhaps the Robin wouldn’t see you because you’re hovelled indoors all day missing out on the beauty of nature, but let’s just pretend the Robin has x-ray vision.  Please think about what you are doing and why you are doing it, and also consider the state of the world as a whole.  So many people have next to nothing, yet we insist that we still need more to be satisfied.  Who are we kidding?

We are Global Citizens living in a flat world.  It’s about time we each accept responsibility for the state of the world and change ourselves for the best.  We’re all in this together!

The beautiful thing about making this world a better place: It all starts with you.


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