Living without money, some people tend to categorize me as a bum, hobo, or nomad.  Whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t really affect me.  What I am pursuing is Peace and Unity of People.  I believe we are all good and pure at our core, and for one reason another we are also corruptible and enticed by some of the offerings of the physical world.  The best things in life, I believe, are free.  And so I go about my day cultivating the best things – like my body, my mind, and my Spirit.  I cultivate relationships with other people, laughter, and love.  I do what I can to resolve conflicts and brighten people’s days.  By example, I try and let people know that people are genuinely good and that the world is indeed wonderful.  We have nothing to be afraid of, for all is created in Truth and Beauty. Thank you, John Keats. 🙂

If promoting Peace and Unity sounds like the behavior of a bum, so be it.  A word is just a word anyway and I’m not going to let the opinion of someone superficially judging me and jumping to conclusions deter me from my path, which is crafted by my conscience.

One of my chief pursuits is the formation of a Peacehood.  Essentially, it is like a Brotherhood, Knighthood – Humanhood! – geared at cultivating inner-peace and World Peace.  Together, we will cultivate the magnificent treasures endowed to us at birth.  Together, we will serve the greater good.  Together, we will learn and teach.  Most importantly, together we will celebrate! 

Thanks to the amazing people and resources available in the Winston-Salem area, I am completely free to pursue the greater good and the growth of the Peacehood with all of my time.  And yes, I do believe that the greater good is worth all of my time, as it is probably worth of all your time too!  That being said, if you would like to join the Peacehood, either with your physical presence in the Winston-Salem area or be connected through email and online updates, please send an email to expressing your intentions. 

We can all make this world better by being the very best we can be.  We can all be the very best we can be by collaborating with others in a spirit of love, harmony, and goodwill.  Let’s do it – together!!!

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