If there is no Peace of Mind, what is the use of learning so many things?

Perused a bit of the Sai Baba Gita last night and came across this wonderful question.  It was coupled with the question, “What is the use of learning so many things without understanding the one thing that is truly essential?”

We spend a lot of time learning math, science, history, language, trivia…why?  The purpose of education evades the understanding of many people.  Why do we go to school?  Why do we learn?  Perhaps in Pursuit of Truth is an adequate answer.  Aristotle would say that the purpose of education is to elevate our preferences.  What are we elevating them to, then?

The way I see it, the ultimate preference is to have no preference.  To come to a state where there is no resistance and complete acceptance of everything that happens, no matter what, that would be one great way to flow through life.  It seems to me that such a state is equivalent to that coveted state of Peace of Mind that slips through our fingers time and time again.

Peace of Body, Peace of Mind, Peace of Spirit, Peace with all Creation – that is a good aim for education.  Let’s start educating ourselves in the pursuit of Universal Peace!

As I see it, Peace is a state attainable by any being blessed with a presence on this planet, and I’d wager that aliens from other planets can probably experience Peace too.  Being that Peace is something all can achieve, that means that it is something that we are born with.  Is Peace endowed to us as birth?  Children…are they at Peace?  The way they frolic in the grass, splash in puddles, laugh at nothing – looks like Peace to me!

C.S. Lewis once commented on us humans saying, “We are far too easily pleased,” however, according to what I’ve experienced recently, it seems that many of us demand far too much to be pleased.  When was the last time we were pleased with a plant, or an insect, or our own fingertips?  Instead of embracing the simple treasures of life, we look to the media, other people, and even drugs to provide us with our source of entertainment.  Anything to make the time pass!  Right?

Recently I’ve found great joy in moving slowly.  The practices of Qigong and Tai Chi illuminated me to how much control we actually have over our bodies, and so I’ve incorporated some of those practices into the way in which I move through the world.  It is so much fun!

We often take an act like walking for granted. What does it mean to walk?  A cultural norm of walking might be to let our arms hang down to our side, perhaps gently swinging them as we go.  But, why not walk with our arms held high?  Why not walk in zig-zags instead of straight lines?  What is more important – fun or efficiency?  Are we humans or robots?

There are so many simple, free, fantastic ways to enjoy Creation.  We do not have to look to the latest tech-gadget or musical jam to have our fill.  The jukebox of Creation is actually playing 24/7 anyway.  Tune it and listen to the beat!   Peace comes from basking in the glory of the free things in life.

Breathing, Smiling, Walking.  Meditate.  Sit. Stand!  Jump.  Laugh – for no reason!


Fall down.  Stay down!  Smell a flower.

Look at your fingertips.  Look at a leaf.  Are they not eerily similar?  The Mark of Creation is in all things.

Acknowledge the Mark.  See the Mark.  Be the Mark!  It is You.  You are It.

Silver Lining connects.  Unity.



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