What are things you like to do every day?  Or perhaps the better question – what are things you would like to do every day but currently are not doing?

When answering this question for myself, I came to the conclusion that I want to experience more joy in my life.  Joy, as I perceive it, is commonly expressed in smiling and laughter, so I made the conscious decision to bring more laughter and smiling into my life.

How does this relate to my day-to-day living?  Well, it’s sort of like having a to-do list, but this list does not vary day-to-day.  It’s a to-do list of activities for every day!  Included on this list are activities like prayer, meditation, yoga, walking (slowly!), juggling, writing, reading, and singing.  “These are a few of my favorite things” that bring me a lot of joy as well as give me a sense of cultivating the treasures bestowed upon me at birth and  serving the greater good.

Recently added to that fantastic list of daily activities…laughing!  The beautiful thing about having a daily habit of laughing is that the laughing does not have to be prompted by anything other than wanting to do it.   We don’t really need a reason to laugh, although we might think we do.  We can laugh for no reason at all!  And I’ve found that as I begin to laugh for no reason, all kinds of reasons to laugh flood my consciousness and the laughter becomes more and more genuine.  Just this morning I laughed while playing with the chain on a fire hydrant.  Gravity is really cool, and actually pretty darn funny.  Who the heck invented gravity?  And why is it so stubbornly consistent?

This habit of laughter has helped me to awaken to the joys of the world and the miraculous nature of Creation.  Also, as I begin to laugh for no reason, I realize more and more that there are always a million different reasons to laugh at any time.  This universe is pretty cool, equally absurd, and completely hysterical.  What a fun little place we live in.


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