Thinking About God…Love!


Love, like the idea of Goodness, is something pretty much everyone can agree on.  Do you know anyone who opposes Love?  Sometimes our actions might suggest that we are not loving, but ultimately I think we all would agree that we would rather Love than Not Love, and rather Be Loved than Not Be Loved.

Love and Goodness are pretty much the only two concepts me thinks are universally agreed upon as good.  Well, obviously goodness is good, but grasping goodness is a lifelong pursuit, and really a continuous pursuit throughout history.  Socrates may have been one of the first people to kick off the party with his question, “What is the good?” and since then we’ve all been trying to figure out what is good for our own lives and good for the world.

What is good?  Love is good!  Then, what is Love?  Ahh – tricky.  Love is…Love.  Do like Nike says and Just Do It!  We all know Love when we receive it.  It is a feeling that pervades our reality and not something we can ignore.  Unfortunately, sometimes I think that our culture has created a perception of Love to the point where it’s practically taboo.

Have you ever told a stranger that you love them?  I do from time to time, and it is usually received pretty well, but often times the people I’m with will shun me and tell me that I cannot go around telling people I love them…but why not?  Love is perhaps the purest manifestation of beauty in the universe, so why would we possibly try to hide it away and act like it doesn’t exist?

By our very nature, we all like to Love, or perhaps Love to Love would be the better way to put it. We also Love to receive Love.  So…let’s stop acting like we aren’t allowed to do just that.  Love is ours to give and to receive all the time.  We do not have to wait for some magical moment to Love.  Love is always with us, on the tips of our fingers, on the tip of our tongue – it is there waiting to be given with a hug or a smile or a hello.

A common misconception about Love is that Love is difficult.  But no no – Love is easy.  And, Love is its own reward.  Love does not necessitate that we give our last dollar to a homeless man or offer our unconditional services and hospitality to anyone who crosses our path – although those are certainly loving acts – but actually Love can radiate from the smallest of gestures.  Just thinking about Love is an act of Love.  You can walk past people on the street and simply think, “I love you,” and that alone is Love.  You don’t even have to speak it!

When we focus on Love, think about Love, and Be Love, Love radiates from our core.  It envelops us like a bright light shining for all to see.  When we perceive Love, then our actions, whatever they will be, automatically will radiate greater Love.

Do not be deceived by cultural programming to think that Love is only attainable through self-sacrifice and worship of a green piece of paper.  Love is pretty much the best thing ever, and Love is Here & Now.  You don’t have to do anything to experience Love.  And actually, doing nothing – just being – is a primary way to become more aware of Love that is always with us.

Do yourself a favor and shut yourself down as much as you can, if only for a minute.  Stop functioning like a cultural robot.  Sit down on the floor, breathe, close your eyes, and experience Love.


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