Banned from Wake Forest Campus…Hallelujah!

The Practical Details of a Glorious Day 

1.  Jogged over to WFU Campus, arriving at the Pit around 8:00 to join Houston Clark and some other absurdly cool cats for a Wednesday morning prayer group.  Quite a blessing to start the day with.

2.  After sharing some prayers and love, I continued to sit in the Pit – why would I possibly leave such a beautiful place where people gather together for fellowship and feasting?

3.  Crossed paths with many awesome individuals and had some really good times with a homie named Andrew, some other champions named Sara, Professor Moss, Andy, Mike,  Charlene, Robert, Sharon, Sam, Sinclair, and certainly other gracious souls.

4.  As far as consumption goes:  anti-oxidant tea and oranges for the win!  Complimented with a food justice run to the breakfast bar to scoop all the oatmeal onto two heaping plates before it was discarded in the trash.  Goooo Food Justice!

5.  Around hour 5 of a glorious Pit Sit, after writing a fair amount of poetry, reading about Plato, and reacquainting myself with some long lost friends, an orange caught not only my eye but every essence of my being.

6. I was not really consuming this orange, so much as this orange consumed me.

7.  I was enraptured by this orange.  Like ecstasy.  A natural high higher than anything I’ve ever experienced.

8.  As Dean so eloquently put it as our paths aligned, “Ahh yes!  As though the orange is the experience itself.”

9.  I felt as though there was nothing in the world except me, the orange, and everything else was One.  Bliss, baby, bliss.

10.  Slowly, ever so slowly, I would raise a slice of the orange to my mouth.  By the time the orange was within range of actually eating it, I was usually in such a state of shaking laughter that I placed the orange down, giggling back and forth in my chair, and started over.

11. I looked up to notice some people, including fellow fraternity Brothers like Ben and Andrew sharing looks and laughs with me.  Something, Everything, was just way too funny for words.

12.  I noticed managers of the Pit floating around me, sometimes standing next to me.  This didn’t stop the laughter though.  Pit workers were also looking at me, some of them seemed a bit scared.  Outward expressions of joy for apparently no reason can be somewhat frightening.  Many people probably thought I was on drugs.  And truthfully, I was on drugs.  Antioxidants and Vitamin C will get you higher than any illegal concoction.  Couple those glorious nutrients with some enlightening reading material and writing a list of 100 questions and you will have quite the experience.  Of course, the last thing I want you to do is take my word for it.  Instead, experience it yourself!

13.  Sitting there, laughing, 4 cops joined in on the fun, and so did John Ho!  As John Ho and I talked about Life, Love, and Peace, a policeman came over to the table and asked for my information.  I told him my name and phone number and said I was a recent graduate of the school.  The policeman also asked John Ho for his I.D., to which John Ho responded, “Wait…I’m not in trouble am I?”  “No, son, you’re fine,” assured the policeman.

14.  “I’m out dude. I’m not getting arrested with you,” and so John Ho went to sit somewhere else in the land of abundance commonly referred to as the Pit.  I resumed eating my orange, laughing like a little kid.

15.  The cops moved around the corner, out of direct sight of me and my giddy behavior.  They stood in a circle discussing who knows what.  After a few more minutes of eating the orange, I started to think, “I could probably save these cops a lot of time and trouble if I just go over and talk to them.”  So I hopped up from my chair and approached the beautiful members of our society who work to protect us.

16.  I said, “Hi, is there anything I can do to help you all?”

17.  “Yeah, why are you here?”  Sargent in the building!

18.  I replied, “Well, that’s a very philosophical question, but if I was to try to answer it I would say…to love…people.”

19.  “That’s too vague. You’re going to have to do better than that.”

20.  “Okay then.  That’s about as accurate as I can get, but if you wanted to tell someone what I’m doing you might say I’m here doing ministry and fellowship.”

21.  The cops went onto explain that I was making a few people uncomfortable, to which I said that I’m not necessarily responsible for the way other people feel.  They agreed with me.

22.  They asked me a series of question, including where I was living.  Hooray for not having a permanent place of residence!

23.  After a few other questions, one asked, “Who swiped you in this morning?”  I laughed in response to this question, partially because I didn’t understand how it was relevant.  Of course, heinz site is 20/20, and now I realize that any question asked is most definitely relevant.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this at the time and didn’t initially answer the question.  At this point, the Sargent stepped aside and starting speaking on her radio.

24. The remaining 3 officers and I chatted for 5-10 minutes about Life, the truth behind healthy eating leading to greater enjoyment of life, and just a few of the wonderful reasons to be positive and enjoy the present moment.

25.  Sarge re-enters the Pow-wow with a blunt statement. “Here’s what we’re going to do.  You’re banned from campus, and you can appeal it if you want to.”

26.  “Wow.  I was not expecting that. Really?”

27.  “Yep.  You can appeal it if you want to.”

28. “Okay…I’m pretty offended that this is happening.”

28.  “Well let’s just get your stuff and move you out of here.”

So it goes.

Why Getting Banned Was Totally Awesome, Dare I say Perfect

As the police officers and I continued to talk outside, a good friend of mine crossed my path and joined me on my ceremonial escort off of campus.  We ended up spending a couple hours in a park off of Silas Creek Parkway.  We had a really fantastic conversation, and I could not be more grateful for being blessed with the opportunity to catch up with him.

What I’ve come to realize is that nothing could really happen any other way than how it happens.  In this way, everything is Perfect.  Our experience in life is always sending us exactly the message that we need for our own personal growth towards greater levels of Love, Peace, and Joy in our life.  In any given moment, we are receiving all sorts of messages from this beautiful Creation that allow us to deepen our understanding and connection with ourselves, with people, and with the Universe as a whole.

For a split second, after being told I was banned from campus, I was overcome with anxiety and grief.  Quickly, though, I tuned back in to the Beauty of the Moment and knew that what happened and continued to occur was and is absolutely for the best.  As much as being banned from campus might seem like a roadblock, in so many others way it is a Divine Blessing.

After being banned, I spent the rest of day connecting with friends and family who I haven’t spoken with in a long time – and it couldn’t have happened any other way!  Everything so beautifully flowed together, and continues to flow together as I become less and less resistant and more and more loving and accepting of everything that is.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently moving slowly and appreciating the smallest and most concise of movements with my physical body, and it was this sort of action that caused the commotion in the Pit.  I realize that one of the few things we might very well have control of in this Universe, if anything, is our physical bodies.  As Viktor Frankl claims, we also have control of our attitudes, or our emotional state of being.  So, as much as we can move our bodies and control our emotional state, then we can consciously choose to experience Love, Peace, and Joy in any given Moment.  It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor, black or white, or are allowed to walk onto the campus of WFU or not.  Our experience of life is largely if not completely derived from our attitude towards it all.

As one of my favorite books, Handbook to Higher Consciousness illuminates, “A loving person lives in a loving world.  A hostile person lives in a hostile world.”

I choose to live in a loving world and accept everything as good.  There is no point in trying to resist the will of Nature and of 7 billion other people – that’s just silly.  I’ve even found that resisting our own intuition is somewhat of a poor decision.  When we let go and allow our gut to guide us, we grow in greater acceptance of who we are.  As we accept ourselves more, we also accept others more, and accept everything that is, here and now.

All is good so long as we accept it and believe it as true.  However objectively bad something might look or sound, it is actually exactly perfect just the way it is.

Hallelujah! And… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Banned from Wake Forest Campus…Hallelujah!

    • Thanks homie 🙂 Glad to see your name pop up…reminding me your boisterous laughter echoing through Long. As far as having life figured out, haaa nahhh. Each day is an adventure! Where are you nowadays? Telepathic reunion going down on Mt. Rushmore tomorrow night at 4:47 AM

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