“Raindrops? I Prefer Lovedrops.” Create the Subjective Experience

This morning I drove my friend to his work at the hospital because it was raining and he didn’t want to ruin his hairdo on a bike ride.  As we walked outside and over towards my car, I said, “What a beautiful day!”  The rain drizzled down and a foggy haze surrounded us.  My friend responded, “You’re probably the only person in the world who thinks that right now.”

It’s so strange how we let something like rain ruin our day.  We often perceive rain as something negative, something that makes us cold, dampens our attractiveness to members of the opposite sex, and simply doesn’t live up to the beauty of sunshine.  We judge the rain based on what the rain isn’t: it isn’t warm, it isn’t dry, and it doesn’t inspire.  Nothing like a beam of sunlight to inspire us and remind us of the beauty of Nature, yeah?

My perception of the rain this morning reminded me that reality is both objective and subjective.  There is the objective physical experience of the rain, then there is how I choose to perceive the rain.  I can choose to experience the rain as a good, bad, or neutral.  I can be grateful for the rain or I can despise it.  And, really, beyond whatever our physical experience of the rain might be, like, “It makes me wet,” there is so much more to the rain that is a subjective experience and thus entirely up to us.  We get to decide how we experience.  In this way, we are creators.  We create our experience of the rain with our attitude or mental state of mind.  What if you perceived each raindrop that falls around you as a Divine Blessing radiating Goodness and Unconditional Love?  The other day I was walking with someone in the rain and I started to yell, “Somebody help me!  I am drowning in an Ocean of Bliss!”

We are blessed with the power to choose much of our experience in life.  Fully grasping the immensity of this power can be daunting, but really it’s fairly amazing.  Harnessing the power to create a subjective reality that is beneficial to you is a skill, and, like any skill, we get better at it with practice.  According to Malcolm Gladwell, if you spend 10,000 hours practicing your skill, you’ll become a world class expert!  The process of training this skill to subjectively create a reality that amplifies are experience of life is a matter of honing our focus on our ideal experience, which may be referred to as meditation.  Train that focus, meditate, and create the reality you wish to experience.

A New Habit Formed to Hone the Focus

I started forming a new habit about a week ago.  This habit of mine consists of meditating each morning on a single word that is part of my understanding of God.  For example, the words I have meditated on so far include Love, One, Peace, Joy, Goodness, Beauty, Service, and today’s word is Spirit.  Not only do I meditate on the word in the morning, but I walk with the word, breathe with the word, and integrate it as much into my thoughts, words, and deeds as I can.  I’ve found this to be an incredibly effective way to frame my mind in a positive light and focus on that which I found is absolutely good.  Focusing on the word throughout the day has also influenced how I choose to move through the day.  For example, on the day when I focused on Beauty, I found myself doing a lot of cleaning and admiring Nature.  Then again, every day is a great day to admire this glorious Creation J

When we are true to ourselves and determine what it is we truly want to experience in our lives, we simply have to make the choice to experience it and we will.  We have the ability to transform a mere raindrop into a lovedrop.  We can turn a walk into a Peace Walk.  And we can choose to see the person passing us on the street as ourselves in the Spirit of Oneness.

Much of our experience is a choice.  If we choose to believe the best, expect the best, and think the best, we will experience the best.  We are the best!  It’s just a matter of making a choice.   Accept this responsibility and you’ll begin to realize Magnificent Grace in your life.



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