Haha! Laughing is Funny. Haha!

What makes us laugh?  What do you find funny?  Do you laugh a lot?  Would you like to laugh more?

A few days ago I listened to a short video featuring Deepak Chopra, and in the video he mentions that we all seek four things in life: Peace, Love, Laughter, and Harmony.  You can watch the video here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/deepak-chopra-meditation

I was surprised when he mentioned laughter as one of the four things we seek, although reflecting on it now, who doesn’t like to laugh?  Laughing is one of the clearest external expressions that we are enjoying the Present Moment.  Not only that, but doctors will also tell you it’s outrageously good for your health and overall state of wellbeing.

A while ago I started forming the habit of intentionally laughing every day for about 15-20 minutes.  I will start out laughing at nothing, but as I continue to laugh more reasons for laughter become apparent.  I’ve had the pleasure of sharing these intentional laughing experiences with two friends of mine so far, and after a minute or two of laughing it feels as though both of our laughs have become genuine.

Reflecting on the recent moments when I’ve found myself in the deepest and fullest states of laughter, the states usually arise when I begin to play with the environment with a spirit of complete spontaneity.  I will pick up objects and drop them on a whim, making all sorts of sounds, and observing all of the cause and effect relationships that contribute to creating my entire experience at that moment as it relates to touch, sight, and primarily – sound.  The more I remember that everything is making a noise on some level, even if not perceptible by human ears, the more I delight in any perceived noise.

Gravity is also a pretty funny thing.  Picking up a leaf and dropping it is a very fun event to watch.  We cannot necessarily know where the leaf will land thanks to the sporadic propensities of the wind and our own ignorance, but we can generally understand and believe that the leaf will land on the ground in due time.  How it will land and where it will land is another question, and that is part of the fun of the game.  If you pick up a leaf, drop it, and repeat the process over and over, you might notice how each time you drop the leaf is an entirely unique event, and in that way – beautiful.

Novel situations are funny.  Or at least, some of the time. Every situation is in fact novel, yet many of the circumstances are similar so we fail to recognize the novelty of it.  For example, driving to work 5 days a week might feel like the exact same drive, but in reality there are always different cars around you, new cloud formations, and you are a different person in that car, each day.  Jim Rohm has a way of perceiving traffic jams when he gets caught in one.  Instead of thinking about how he might be late for an appointment or lose time with a client, he thinks, “Isn’t this fascinating?”

At any moment, we are free to connect with the fascinating qualities of life.  We are free to laugh, free to experience novelty, and free to enjoy.  There is always a reason to laugh.

The development of the intentional laughing habit has allowed me to lower my standards for laughter.  No longer do I demand that a comedian stands in front of me and works to finesse a single giggle out of me.  Instead, I walk outside and unleash boisterous belly laughs, relishing in the Divine Comedy.  Gravity is funny.  Movement is funny. Sound is funny.

Whatever you want to experience, it’s your choice!  Make the choice to laugh and you will.

Today, my word of the day is Love.  I walk in step to Love, I breathe to Love, and I focus on Love.  With this Love, I’ve also experienced a lot of Laughter.  If we become conscious of the choices we make, we can consciously choose Love, and consciously choose Laughter.


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