Start with a smile.

Then a laugh, maybe just a chuckle.

How about a deep breath?  Feel the lungs fill with Goodness

Listen. Sound!  Wow, what a miracle.

Close your eyes…open them.  What a treasure to see.

Stand up.  Or if you cannot stand, just wiggle the fingers.

How cool is it that we can move our bodies?

Look at the hair on your arm.  How did that get there?

Did you consciously command it to grow or did it just happen?

Feel the back of your neck.  Touch is gentle and kind.

Speak!  Sing, if only for a moment, if only a single word in melody.

How beautiful these gifts we have.


But when do we take the time to appreciate these subtle gifts,

or Spiritual Treasures as I like to call them?

I am grateful for this One True Moment, in which the

possibilities may very well be Infinite.

I can do so much and experience so much.  Just by shifting

my Focus my whole reality changes.


Now I take the time to listen to my friend brush his teeth.

Imagining I am the toothbrush.  Nauseating!

But oh that water feels good.


Right now I am grateful for all the wonder this Moment offers,

much beyond my understanding, yet I know that deep down there is

Order and Reason to it All.


Sometimes I forget how much I’ve been given or how much beauty

is right in front of me no matter where I look.

The Miracle, though, is everywhere at all times, nearly undeniable.

How did I get where I am Now?  How did you get where you are?

It may seem chaotic or random, but there is a Reason…for everything.


I am grateful for this opportunity, right now, just to be.

Being is good enough for me.  I’ll ask for nothing more.

Thank you, One 🙂


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