The Power to Choose

Perhaps the most extraordinary of gifts bestowed upon us at birth,

We have the ability to consciously choose how we experience the world.

We may not choose every bit of our external conditions, but

We all can master our internal state by choosing our attitude

Regardless of circumstances.


No matter what, we can choose Love, Peace, and Joy.

We can choose Justice and Goodness

We can choose to see the world as beautiful or despicable.

It’s just a choice.


Any choice you make is a good one, especially when you are

highly conscious of the choice, thereby choosing what you

believe is best.


The more conscious we become, the more good choices

We make, and the more we realize our own power to

Create the world we would like to live in.


Empowered to choose.  Awaken to choice.


Excuses are weak.  Reason is incomplete.  Our perspective is limited.

We do not know much about the world or even about ourselves.

I choose to believe the best, think the best, and so

my experience is darn near close to the best.


Today my focus is on gratitude, and I’m finding that

The choice of gratitude, choose to be grateful,

Might very well be,

The Best.


Patience.  All good things come with time.

And what time is it?



The time is now to experience all the goodness and beauty and wonder of the world.

The time is now to celebrate, smile, and dance.

If not now, when?

The time is now to Love and Serve.

Give and Grow, Persist – and realize your Worthy Ideal more and more.  Begin NOW!


The choice is yours.  The time is now. 🙂




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