The Purpose of Bees and the Purpose of Human Beeings

I observed some bees fluttering around a batch of flowers this afternoon, and couldn’t help but think about how focused they are on fulfilling their purpose.  It’s so easy for them to fulfill their purpose.  There is no fuzziness, no lack of clarity for them.  Bees are completely clear on why they are here.  Us humans, on the other hand, often can struggle to ground ourselves in a singular purpose.

The bee body has very specific mechanisms that allow it to do a function which no other creatures can do.  They pollinate flowers with ease, knowing completely that pollination is the way they can best serve the Highest Good of All.

So I wonder, what flowers can we pollinate?  Or, what is the specialized ability that only we as humans can do?  Can we gain the same clarity of purpose as the buzzing bees?

I think we can.  Jesus was clear when asked what were the greatest of all the commandments.  He said something like, “Love the Lord thy God above all else and love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself is still a pretty vague idea, but even for non-believers I think there is a lot of wisdom to be found in the directness of Jesus’ statement.

Loving God, to me, essentially just means loving yourself.  After all, God placed you here, so the best thing you can do is to cherish life and cultivate all of the extraordinary gifts bestowed upon you at birth – that is your body, mind, and Spiritual Nature.  The more we educate ourselves on the proper ways to cultivate our gifts and make the most of the miraculous gift of life, the more we are loving God.   If, however, we know that certain foods or activities are bad for us and harmful to the wellbeing of our body, mind, or Spirit, then we are not placing God first in our lives, and therefore not loving God as best as we can.  Loving God is the pursuit and fulfillment of optimum physical energy, mental ability, and Peace of Mind and Heart.

To love your neighbor, acceptance is key, which is basically the same as non-judgment.  We are all at different paths along the journey, so to judge anyone is like claiming to be omniscient.  The more we cultivate our own understanding of how to love ourselves – that is cherishing our miraculous gifts bestowed upon us freely at birth – the more we can share our understanding of love with others.  Together, by questioning personal decisions and ways of life, we may all grow in understanding of the ways in which we may best optimize our physical energy and utilize our mental and spiritual capacities for the Highest Good of All.

I think an ultimate expression of loving ourselves and so loving God is to put the pursuit of Inner-Peace as priority #1.  Inner-Peace for many is derived from a deep connection with God and with one’s Spiritual Nature, and from this state of Peace all Love flows effortlessly.  Then, to love one’s neighbor is simply a process of sharing the Peace with them.  If your neighbor is not at Peace, you can always maintain your Inner-Peace and compassionately connect with them and help them to gain Peace by whatever means you believe is best.

So long as we keep our own best interest and the best interest of All constantly in heart, such that our every action is Win / Win, how can we lose?  The way I see it, a fantastic way to move through life is with the dual pursuit of joy and justice.  You place your own joy first, but if it is not just and for the good of all, then you do not do it.  Likewise, if an action is just but does not bring you joy, you don’t have to do it either.  Of course, the most beautiful part about this dual pursuit is that joy is a mere product of the mind – it is a choice we make.  Therefore, we can choose to elevate our preferences such that all actions in pursuit of justice bring us joy, and there we have a wonderful life. Love One and Love All!


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