A Purity of Purpose: Effortless Flow

I started thinking about purpose in my life around 2-3 years ago.  Hal Urban’s Life’s Greatest Lessons probably prompted my quest for finding my purpose in life, and then a year later I discovered Napoleon Hill’s words of wisdom on YouTube that made me think long and hard about my Definite Major Purpose.

On my quest for purpose, I’ve read the purposes of many other people in an attempt to craft my own into a single, succinct sentence.  I’ve had mixed success with crafting such a sentence, but recently I’ve been simplifying my life a lot and am also looking to simplify my purpose, perhaps down to a single word.

During this simplification process, I’ve found that the foundation of a powerful life purpose, one that can be looked to at any moment as a guiding light along the journey through life, is that the purpose is pure.  When the purpose is pure, everything else will follow.  The key is to purify your purpose so that you fully align with it, so that every ounce of your being agrees with it.  At any moment in life, you should be able to look to your Major Definite Purpose and orient your thoughts and actions to pursue the fulfillment of your purpose.

What is a Pure Purpose?  I understand it as a purpose that is ultimately dedicated to the Highest Good of All or in Service to the Most High.  I believe that no matter what else a powerful statement of purpose might entail, so long as the purpose is focused on Service to the Highest Good of All, everything else is peanuts.

A question I commonly ask myself is, “How may I serve the Highest Good of All?”  The response I usually receive is to Love and be Fully Present, Here & Now. Live in the Moment!  By connecting with the Moment, means of serving to the Highest Good of All will arise in your conscience.  From that point, as As Steve Jobs said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

I’ll be the first to admit that letting any notion of the future completely go and living Fully Present in the Here & Now is not really the easiest thing to do, and such an idea can actually stir fear in a lot of people.  So, maybe living Fully Present in the Moment is not for everyone, but then again…it might be!  At least for chunks of time throughout our days, we can open ourselves up completely to the Here & Now, open ourselves up to God, and let go – simply pursuing the Highest Good of All in the Here & Now.

Another way I’ve thought about ‘pursuing the Highest Good of All’ is to simply choose Love in every Moment.  Focus more and more on Love, choose to Love, and watch your consciousness open to all kinds of opportunities to Love and grow in Love in the Moment.  Instead of Love, you could basically choose any positive verb like accept, appreciate, be grateful, live in reverence, help, serve, give, grow, teach, enjoy, or even celebrate.  Choosing to live in a state of celebration as if life is one big party is aligned with service to the Highest Good of All, because the more we celebrate and enjoy life, the more those around us enjoy and might very well awaken to the Divine Gift and Miracle of Creation.  So too, the more we Love, the more those who receive our Love may awaken to the Divine Love that is always Present.

So, perhaps I should clarify.  I have not necessarily chosen a highly specific and methodical life purpose.  Rather, I have chosen to Serve the Highest Good of All as best as I know, to Love, to Serve, to Give, to Grow, to Raise Consciousness and Awareness, to promote Peace, to Educate, to Liberate, to Awaken, to Connect, to Forgive, to Accept Everything as It Is, to Cherish and Live in Reverence for All of Life and Creation, to Celebrate, and Enjoy 🙂

Or, I could just go just go with the simpler and more succinct words of Gandhi, “Renounce and Enjoy.”

Whatever a focus on the above verbs leads me to, so be it!  Sometimes it may lead to writing, other times to laughing or even crying.  The key is the focus on Goodness. From there, all else flows effortlessly.

I wonder what would happen if someone simply chose ‘to Love’ for the rest of life, not getting any more specific than that.  My guess is all Goodness would abundantly flow in their direction, and they would be rich indeed.




2 thoughts on “A Purity of Purpose: Effortless Flow

  1. All these things that you talk about are very good, definitely way to go, but -from a philosophical point of view- they are merely procedural. They lack content. It’s the joy, the awe, the celebration, etc……., but based on nothing, on puffs of air….
    They are very well summarized in your recommendation: “Follow your intuition”…. New Age philosophy at its best. For people that are grounded on good values (like you), this works, but for the great majority of the people -who are totally empty of any ethical content-, it will lead just to false illusions or, even worse, to a justification of their frivolity.

  2. I see your point. I guess when I talk about following your intuition it includes having your heart and mind rooted in an inherently good principle like Love or Peace. So, if you are meditating on Peace and then a thought arises that calls you to action, I think that is a very good time to trust your intuition. Intuition by itself might lead to us doing just more of the same lazy behavior, but if we have a goal or purpose before us that is of pure intentions, then I think our intuition will definitely guide us along a good path!

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