Isn’t it wonderful, just to walk?

How I can move my legs, I really don’t know.

Science might try to explain it with neurons and axons but it’s really just a show.

The Greatest Spectacle on Earth it might be called.

Moving our bodies is a miracle after all.

Yet, so easily we take this gift for granted.

Forgetting how precious this life really is.

One flick of a switch or the click of a trigger and boom!

We might be gone…

Let’s stop taking this life for granted, and enjoy what we got 🙂

There is nothing more we really need,

to enjoy this Here & Now, this eternity.

Smile and Shine, Laugh and Dine

on the ambrosial food of water, oxygen, Spirit,

flowing all around, free for all.

It sustains and nourishes,

for free!

We did nothing to earn it, yet we’re given it all –

for free!

What a gift, what a gift.

Breathe it in.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made



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