Peace is Possible: “Peace is Every Step.”

Reflecting on the most valuable lessons I learned from my experience of homelessness in NYC, I remembered that Peace is a very real thing.  After all, we all have the ability to think about Peace, so that is definitely a start.

Meditating in Times Square, I sat silently with my eyes closed, Brother next to me, inhaling and exhaling ‘Peace,’ so I thought in my mind and felt in my heart.  As people flowed all around us, as though everyone was looking to find something worthy of their attention, my Brother and I sat, peacefully, cherishing the One, True, Moment.

A mixture of smiles and tears flooded across my face, as I was overcome with Peace and a realization that World Peace is actually attainable.  If only we can all find the courage within ourselves to sit silently, just breathe, and think about what you believe is good, Peace will become much more of a reality.  The more we experience Peace ourselves, the more we share it with all of Creation, so in many ways we have a spiritual responsibility to cultivate as much Peace inside ourselves as we can.

I forget who said this, but growing in Peace is much like growing in Love.  The quote I’m thinking of goes something like this, “The more I loved, the more I grew in my ability to love.”  Just so, the more we experience Peace, the more we can bring Peace wherever we go.

I think we each have an individual responsibility to focus on Peace, on Love, on Goodness, on God – whatever the ideal – focus on it, and bring it more into reality.

I set the intention this morning to see God and Beauty in all things, and shortly after I began to laugh.  Things became a bit too beautiful, if that’s even possible.  This week, I’ve also decided for Peace to be my primary focus.  For the last week or so it was Love, and that was a truly great time.  Now is the time for Peace!

“Peace is every step.” – Thich Nhat Hon

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