Peace is Within – Hallelujah!

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

Thank you!!!

Expressing gratitude really feels good.  So does receiving thanks.  Win / Win!

It’s amazing how easily we can go around looking for Peace and Happiness in the attainment of physical objects or the experiencing of certain events or people.  In reality, any peace or happiness we experience is entirely within ourselves – it does not exist in anything external.

In the morning and at night when I spend time being grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, I notice that just thinking about these people brings me great joy.  For the people to be present in my thoughts is enough for me to experience the love they emanate. Not to say I don’t also thoroughly enjoy being with them, I just also find it amazing that we can enjoy the presence and peace of other people simply by thinking about them.


I am most grateful for the opportunities provided for me in my life.  I know that I’ve been incredibly blessed, and recently I’ve come to more fully live in the truth that Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Freedom – all of that is Within.  What a Gift!

From connecting with this Gift Within, I sometimes wonder – what now?  If I can have Peace and Love and Happiness now…why don’t I just sit here?  Over the past few months of my experience of living without money, I’ve considered what is the ideal life quite a bit.  For much of the time I thought the ultimate ideal was a life completely in meditation, sitting meditation at that.  Meditation, for me, is that experience of deep connection with the Universe, with Creation, with Divinity – it is like entering a state of complete connection and harmony with the Peace that dwells Within.

Thankfully, I’ve come to realize that connecting completely with the Infinite Goodness and Beauty Within and throughout Creation does not require me to sit completely still.  It might be a little harder to maintain the focus and connection, but I can actually move throughout the world in meditation.  A sitting meditation actually serves to guide me to meditation in action.


And now as I sit looking through a book my mom let me borrow, “One Minute Wisdom” by Anthony de Mello, I found a passage that’s quite relevant…not the one I was looking for but it is certainly worth sharing:

A disciple fell asleep and dreamed that he had entered Paradise. To his astonishment, he found his Master and the other disciples sitting there, absorbed in meditation.

Is this the reward of Paradise?” he cried.  “Why, this is exactly the sort of thing we did on earth!”

He heard a Voice exclaim, “Fool!  You think those meditators are in Paradise?  It is just the opposite — Paradise is in the meditators.”


Happy Day 🙂

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