What is the Greatest Gift Bestowed Upon Humanity?

Whatever it is, we should probably all cherish it and nurture it to the best of our ability.

In the running for the Greatest Gift…

1.  How about the big, blue, floating sphere we live on?  We are literally floating in space!  14 billion-ish years in the making and we are Here!  If earth isn’t a heavenly body I don’t know what is.

2.  Physical bodies?  Yes, these things are pretty darn cool.  We can do all sorts of amazing with our bodies, so perhaps we should delve deeper into what might be the greatest ability of our physical bodies.  Then again, maybe we could just stop at the body’s ability to pump 1.3 gallons of blood through the heart every minute, or 1,900 gallons a day.  Whoa!  And to think, we’re not even consciously doing that…

3. The voice and language? I reckon this world wouldn’t be quite so wonderful if we weren’t able to communicate to each other via spoken word.  Then again, I get the feeling dogs and other animals live quite blissfully, so it’s tough to say.  Verbal language is one of those tricky things that can be used for good or bad, so we’ve got to accept responsibility and use our voices for good!  This is probably why “Right Speech” was one step along the Buddha’s 8-fold path.  Speaking kind words and singing are both beautiful acts, so let’s do more of those and less of the other!

4.  The Mind…?  If the mind is the brain, then we’re talking about the most powerful three pound piece of organic matter humanity has ever known!  Then again, this whole process of ‘knowing’ anything stems from the brain anyway, so it seems a bit far-fetched to think we could know anything beyond that which allows us to know anything in the first place.  (Ayyy – that’s a headache just to think about)

The awesomeness of the mind, like the sweetness of the body, is something that libraries have been written on, so it probably doesn’t make sense to attempt to testify to all the incredible features of the mind right now..  Suffice it to say, my favorite part about the mind, and what I think is perhaps the most awesome gift bestowed upon humanity, is our ability to choose to experience reality any way we want to experience it.  That is to say, if we want to live in a loving world, that’s simply a choice we make.  Or, we can choose to walk through the world in a state of paranoia, thinking everyone’s out to get us, and that will be what we experience as reality too.  So, ultimately, the choice is ours!  This places a lot of responsibility on us as the creators of our reality, but hey – the great news about responsibility is that it means that we are in control.  External conditions of our life and the world only affect us so much as we allow them.  For me, then, the greatest gift is that something so beautiful as Peace is simply a conscious choice, hence the phrase, Inner-Peace.  The best things in life, whether it be Peace or Love or Joy, they are all states of being that emerge from within us, free for us to choose at any moment.  Hooray!


I think it’s about time for me to think about more of the wonderful gifts bestowed upon us as human beings, but not only will I think about them…I will be grateful for them too!  That feeling of gratitude is also a pretty awesome gift.  Hmmm…

I am grateful for gratitude!  And for you, reader, and for all the non-readers out there too.

Go forth in Love and Service 🙂


One thought on “What is the Greatest Gift Bestowed Upon Humanity?

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