Accepting 100% Responsibility: Open to Possibilities!

What does it mean to accept 100% responsibility for everything about your life,  right now?

You are in control!

A Script on what it means to Accept 100% Responsibility

“My life is exactly as it is now because I have created it this way, and by exercising my power to choose, I can choose to create the future I desire.  The choices I make create my life, I am in control of it, and I accept this responsibility and rise to the occasion to make conscious choices rather than mindlessly conforming to a way of life that is less than what I am capable of.  Or, if I do find myself conforming, that is a choice I make too.  Everything in my life, at every moment, is the result of choices I have made and continue to make in this very moment.  Whether or not I am enjoying this moment, right here and right now, is a choice. I can consciously choose to enjoy this moment, or consciously choose to be upset and maybe trigger some negative emotions.  I can also choose to raise my left hand or blink 10x fast.  The choice is mine.  I am in control of my physical body and my thoughts – no one has can control these for me.  Others can influence me, but only so much as I allow them.  Ultimately, I am completely responsible for everything about my life and for my experience of this moment.  I am in control.

Therefore, if there is any change I’d like to see in the world or within my personal life, it is within my power to create it by using my consciousness to choose thoughts and actions that align with experiencing my ideal life.  I can allow other people to influence me and play their music for me or speak to me, but ultimately, the affect anyone or anything has on my thought, body, and experience of reality is entirely in my control.  I have the power, each and every moment, to create the reality I desire.  If I am depressed or down, the power is wholly within me to lift myself back up and awaken once again to the beauty and joy of the Universe.  ”

As Shakespeare said, “There is no good or bad but thinking makes it so.”  Of course, you can spend your days believing that you are not in control of your thoughts and that all of your thoughts and actions have been pre-determined or even pre-destined, but is that really an empowering way to move through the world?  Accepting responsibility for everything about your life is the same as believing in free will.  I do believe we have free will, and that means we can will ourselves to experience any reality we desire, if not in the physical, external, reality, then at least in our imaginations!  Free will means that we are continuously creating this present moment and future moments.  With our thoughts and actions, we create the future!  It is therefore our responsibility to control our thoughts and actions, to consciously choose our thoughts and actions every Moment, and in so doing we are consciously creating the world we desire to live in.

Awakening to the conscious control we all have over our own minds to think the thoughts we choose and experience what we desire is incredibly empowering.  Essentially, it means that such ideals like Peace or Unconditional Love or Happiness are simple choices we can consciously make with our mind in every moment!   At least, as far as my own experiences has allowed me to understand, this is true 🙂

And an Hallelujah for that!

The Peacewalking Habit: A Great Conscious Choice!

I’ve recently returned to one of my favorite habits of walking in Peace.  That is, whenever I’m conscious of the idea and walking, I will repeat Peace and even visualize a Peaceful World in my mind with each step that I take.

When I go on these Peacewalks, stepping to Peace, I often find myself in a state of abundant laughter and joy.  I’ve once found myself thinking, “How can it be this easy?” and then I express gratitude to the Universe and God and all the Goodness that’s out there in this wonderful Creation.  Just thinking about Peace creates an incredible feeling in me…what a gift!  Even better, I have no doubt that I’m not alone in experiencing good vibrations when thinking about Peace.  Please though, don’t take my word for it or believe me.  Instead, do it yourself and see how you feel.

Of course, remembering to repeat thoughts and images of Peace in your head with every step can be a bit of a challenge.  The good news is that if your mind does wander during a Peacewalk, it will likely wander to something that you relate to Peace anyway, perhaps thoughts of your family or all the good you see in the world, so that’s not such bad mental wandering anyway.   There’s an old saying about apples not falling far from the tree.  Applying the proverb to the Peacewalk: if you consider thoughts and images of Peace to be your mental tree, then any apples than fall off of the tree will still be pretty tasty, maybe even Golden Delicious?

Peace is a good road to walk along.  And, when we accept responsibility, we’ll realize we can choose to walk along the Road of Peace each and every Moment.

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