December 21…Wow so Close! :-)

What to say…what to say…

Ultimately, words don’t matter.

Experience is it.

What are you feeling?  Do you feel connected?

All is Good.  And an experience of Complete, Infinite Goodness is available to everyone Here & Now.  It’s just a matter of becoming aware of the Goodness that pervades all reality.  Open, open, open, completely open!

Choose Love. Believe Love is with you Now, even fake it until you make it! Soon you will realize you don’t need to fake anything but instead become aware of truth of reality that is with you always, Here & Now.  You are the Miracle.  🙂

Consider your place on earth.  In the solar system. In the galaxy. In the Universe.  All of history brings you to the Present Moment.  You made it!  Congratulations, Miracle of Miracles.  You’re amazing!


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