Snowmen! Look at all those Beautiful Snowflakes clustered together…


The Power of Togetherness.

On a run this morning, the sun was shining brightly down on me and the snow.  Flake by flake, the snow melted away, losing its unmistakable snowy texture and reverting back to its watery form.  As much as I love water and how it resists nothing, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of pity for the helpless snow.

“Oh no, the sun is shining on us.  We are melting…”

If only all the snow was so lucky as the few fortunate snowmen I passed on my run, they might have retained their ‘snowiness’ a bit longer.  One snowman, in particular, stood defiantly in the sun.  All the snow around this snowman had melted, but the snowflakes, united in the form of the snowman, withstood the warm rays of that big bright ball in the sky we call the sun.

“Together!’ must be the mentality for all those snowflakes holding side by side.  Forget separation and any differences of personality or preference.  When it comes to survival, those snowflakes will stick together!  Fat or thin, short or tall, black or white – well I guess they’re all white 😉 – the snowflakes set aside their differences to unify in the form of the resilient snowman.

I wonder how often us human snowflakes set aside our differences and join together for the greater good.  When hurricanes hit or disaster strikes, there seems to be a mutual agreement to sacrifice a bit of our personal wealth for the greater good.  I just wonder why it often requires cataclysmic events to get our attention that there are problems out in the world that we can effectively solve by uniting together.

Imagining what the world would be like if we united together like those snowman flakes is quite a fun time.  Living with a mantra like, “We’re all in this together!” would move us beyond so many of our petty differences that keep us apart.

I am a snowflake.  And it is darn hot.  Very well, there’s a chance of melting soon.  Thankfully, the sun feels good so the melting is rather pleasant.  Either way, I’m putting out a call for those creative hands to pick me up and connect me with the snowman for the greater good.  Thankfully, the creative hands are my own hand, and just choosing to enlist myself in service to the collective whole makes it so.  Snowflakes, unite!


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