The Miracle of Juicing: Who knew healthy foods could be so delicious?

Have you ever made your own juice before?  Perhaps you’ve had the fortune of squeezing your own orange juice, maybe a grapefruit.  Delicious, right?

If you’ve been really fortunate (and a tad adventurous?) in your food explorations, you might have even purchased a juicer. But, just purchasing the juicer is not enough.  To really benefit from having the juicer, it’s important to remove it from the box, clean the individual parts, and then juice up something fierce.  And by fierce I mean superbly filling you with that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

My mom purchased a juicer this past the summer but never went through with the whole “assembly” thing.  Just buy something and don’t assemble it – sure, why not?  Little did she know, a catalyst for an abundance of health, energy, and deliciousness waited patiently in her basement, waiting to unleash its awesome powers.

Just yesterday, I vivified the beautiful Jack LaLanne Power Juicer and went to town looking up some of Jack’s favorite recipes.  Flipping through the pages of his juicing book, I found a tall glass filled with some orange beauty, Elaine’s Vegetable Garden.  A sweet potato, red pepper, tomato, two stalks celery, and a handful of baby carrots – little did I know, this was all I needed to understand what heaven on earth might taste like.

Not only was the taste of pure delight, but the process of creating the juice, equally amazing.  Seeing the vivid colors pour out of the spout into the measuring glass filled my mom and me with an excited enthusiasm for what we may soon be enjoying.  In fact, so excited was I to sip the juice that I even forget to enjoy it mindfully (a 30 day habit in the works since January 1), and instead poured out the juice into two shot glasses for my mom and I to cheers.  “To the fruits of the earth!”

Needless to say, the juice so satisfied our taste buds that we were practically giddy with anticipation over the awesome potential of juicing to totally transform our experience of food as well as our personal health.   With juicing, eating fruits and vegetables is no longer a sacrificial task often shunned and dreaded because of an unsatisfying gustatory experience, but suddenly…enjoying healthy foods is now preferred by both the mind and those pesky little taste buds.  Win / Win!

Juicing has shattered my questioning of why God made the most delicious foods the worst for us.  I now realize that donuts, cookies, and pumpkin pie – although delicious – perform meagerly next to freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.  My experience now tells me that the healthiest foods are also the most tasty, and that most definitely deserves and Hallelujah!

After sipping on that first shot glass of juice, I couldn’t help envisioning the great potential of Senor Power Juicer.  Never before did I consider that not only could you extract juice from something like a bell pepper or sweet potato, but also that it would taste so incredibly delicious!  And the health…the health!!!  Ahh.  As much as this story of juicing is based on a purely sensual experience, in some many ways it goes beyond words.  My imagination never before opened up to the potential of juicing so many wonderful fruits and vegetables of the land.  And it makes being healthy so simple and enjoyable…


I’m a big advocate of healthy living.  Back in the summer of 2010, I decided to test out a vegan lifestyle for 30 days, and never since went back (…except for those 6 months I lived without money…hard to be picky about foods then ;-)).  The increased energy alone is a great reason to test out vegan foods, not to mention that it likely aligns more with your moral compass than a diet based on slaughtering innocent animals.  Nonetheless, on this quest to promote more conscious, healthier lifestyles, I did not think that juicing would offer such an amazing solution.  No longer is there reason to consume the un-pronounceable ingredients you might find hidden away in opaque plastic bags.  Juicing is an easy way to more fully enjoy the raw treats of the earth while also nourishing the temple that is your body!

Just yesterday, the day I discovered juicing, I began the day by looking in the mirror and telling myself, full of enthusiasm and trust, “Something wonderful is going to happen today.”  And, voila, juicing.

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