Super Bowl Awareness: What are you actually Supporting?

As mentioned in the previous article, a priest mentioned in his sermon on Sunday that watching the Super Bowl is supporting violence.  Pretty radical idea, eh?

Not too often do we think about the consequences of many of our decisions in life.  It’s pretty easy for us to project our responsibility onto other people or institutions, blaming them for all of our problems and for any violence in society.  For example, in watching the Super Bowl, it’s easy to think that you as an individual watching it doesn’t change whether or not the human-smashing-human brutality of the Super Bowl still occurs or not, so why not watch?  Your choice of watching the Super Bowl isn’t actually promoting violence, is it?

Perhaps the Super Bowl would still occur if you didn’t watch it.  But, there is more violence created in society than just that which occurs on the field.  If you account for the violence that you also allow into your awareness and your consciousness, and the possible effects that has on all of your future thoughts, feelings, and actions, you might realize how dangerous watching the Super Bowl can really be to your personal health and wellbeing.

It is not easy  to see violence and aggression and materialism and consumerism and prevent those thoughts into our heads.  Just like if I told you to not think about a white rabbit, you’d still probably think about it a lot.  So the problem created by a decision like watching the Super Bowl goes far beyond the objective violence on the field, but it ventures into the subjective experience of your consciousness.  By letting that violence into your awareness, you’re increasing the chances that the violence you consumed manifests itself outwardly in your own actions.  This goes for all materialism promoted during the commercials too.  By watching the advertisements, you might find yourself wanting all sorts of things you ‘didn’t know’ you wanted, and having all these new desires that make you feel like you have less than you really do.

By taking responsibility for the thoughts you allow into you awareness, you give yourself permission to consciously control what you allow to influence you.  If you want to experience more competition and violence and consumerism in your life, by all means go on and watch events like the Super Bowl and watch CSI Miami or whatever city those crime stoppers are in nowadays.

Unfortunately?, in my case, the TV doesn’t offer much of what I’m looking to experience.  I haven’t found much Peace Programming on television, although to be fair I haven’t looked too much 😉 I prefer finding Peace within my own imagination and in the spirit of other people. Peace, after all, is free.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Awareness: What are you actually Supporting?

    • Yes! It is scary what television and advertisements can make us feel like we want. I mean…all those people conspiring together in a room, using the latest research on human psychology, attempting to extract as much money as possible. Of course, 80% of the time they decide a half-naked woman is most effective.

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