An Abundance of Reason before every Experience: Seek and You Shall Find

America really is the land of abundance, isn’t it?  And really, no matter which country you live in, you’ve already been blessed with an abundance of gifts, bestowed upon you freely, at birth.  The gifts that accompany life itself are so vast and abundant that it’s difficult to count them all. Really, I don’t think any of us could name all of them.  Neither can I name the miracles nor can I explain much of my experience of Life, but I enjoy it anyway. To elaborate, I don’t consciously know how to control every muscle in the body.  I don’t know how blood is flowing through these veins, how the heart is beating so fast, or where exactly organs are located.  I also couldn’t currently explain to you the amazing process of sound coming from the voicebox, or how thoughts communicate to fingers so that I can type these words.  How I can see this screen is another mystery.  Perhaps an even greater mystery is how sometimes I am highly conscious of my heart and a feeling a warm energy in that area.  It’s also a mystery what my next thought will be, or how I came to be typing these words at exactly this time, this moment, and equally how you came to be reading them.

Chaos theory, as explained in a great book Power vs. Force (thank you JP!),  suggests that ultimately, none of what we experience is random.  Perceived from the cosmic point of view, everything makes perfect sense.  As much as this life might consciously be a mystery to us, we can find assurance knowing that there is Reason at play.  And, I say at play because sometimes this Reason creates some very funny scenarios.  Really, most everything happening to us can be perceived as hysterical given the right perspective, hence Dante’s title for his book, The Divine Comedy.  Other’s might refer to this phenomenon as the Cosmic Joke, and you can tune into this humor greater than all humors if you open up and allow it to flow.  It’s a matter of believing and seeing.

There is an Intelligence greater than that found in the three pound organ in-between your ears.  Whatever you call this Intelligence that brings you Here & Now is entirely up to you.  Perhaps most importantly, know that it is there, and you can ally yourself with it by moving in the direction that your best reason would take you.  After all, you are a microcosm of the Intelligence 🙂

Also, if you’d like to experience a bit of the Divine Comedy unfolding before you now, take some time to laugh.  You don’t need to yet have a ‘reason’ to laugh other than that you consciously choose to laugh, but after a few minutes you may very soon begin to see all the Reasons you had all along to let that laughter resonate through you out into this Beautiful Experience.

Finally – acronym for the day: “J.E.D.I.”  We are all Joyous Everlasting Divine Individuals,  courtesy of Matthew Armstrong.

2 thoughts on “An Abundance of Reason before every Experience: Seek and You Shall Find

  1. Gosh! So the great guru, David Hawkins, tells us that “none of what we experience is random”? Wow! That is like discovering America on the map. Way before this “wise” man was born, other wise humans already knew that fact. They had learned about the Divine Providence. That is the energy that governs the universe and all creation, and not even the movement of a microbe escapes its design.
    Anyway, thanks for reminding us of this great truth, Brad! 🙂

    • haha I sense both sarcasm and honesty in your comment so I guess I will gratefully accept both! Yeah Divine Providence is pretty much the coolest thing in town all year around, 24/7! Unfortunately we can easily forget about it, and in those times of forgetfulness that’s when we might blame or worry or fear. When we remember though, we can let all of that nonsense go 🙂 I figure it’s one of the greatest things we can always be reminded of, because when we remember, we are also remembering all that joy and peace and love and Holy Spirit inside us.

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