The Cosmic Story

Ultimately, the story of anything ‘you’ can possibly imagine is the same, as its most advanced experience, the moment, the furthest evolved moment in consciousness, is Here & Now, and like ‘you,’ ‘it’ has made it to Here & Now with you, so both simply are different physical manifestations of the same thing, which is the entirety, the whole, Consciousness, Creation.

When you think about individual human beings, you can image how all of our stories are very similar, nearly 99.999999999% the same, considering that our stories did not simply begin when we were born into human-body consciousness.  The story for each one of us has been unfolding since the beginning the Creation, what some might say, the Big Bang.  But realize that the Big Bang did not happen in a split fraction of time or just the first few minutes of Creation.  It is still happening.  In essence, we are currently big banging!  We are the Big Bang itself, still big banging and expanding more and more.

Somehow, someway, all of the conditions in the universe allowed for Life to spawn on planet earth.  For our consciousness in human form then, we not only have our parents and grandparents to thank, but we also have the sun and all the other stars, and all the other galaxies, and everything else in existence too, even that which we cannot see or comprehend. In so many ways, everything in existence, even that which we cannot perceive, all conspired to bring us Here & Now to this Present Moment Consciousness of Experience.

Just as everything in the universe has worked together to bring us to this present moment, so too have we consciously worked together with other people and life on this planet to bring us Here & Now.  In this way, we are the universe, conscious of itself, working to continue its Big Banging and conscious evolution.  (If we are conscious about our powers as co-creators, we can choose to align with the life-force of evolution and more rapidly move this world towards that heralded state of Heaven on Earth).

When Human Life emerged on earth, that point marked tremendous progress for the universe.  It probably became very excited when other minds, as microcosms of the whole Cosmic Mind/Consciousness, could work together to consciously co-create a more abundant and brilliant universe.

Currently, we humans only occupy one planet among many billions, and it might seem like we do it relatively ineffectively, considering all the poverty.  However, I think it’s important we are patient with ourselves and remember to place ourselves in the light of the cosmic perspective.  Despite being 14 billion years in the making, we are still at the beginning stages of conscious evolution.  Considering that we are Here & Now at all, I’d say we’re actually doing incredibly well 🙂

On our journey of conscious co-creation, let’s remember that we only recently began discovering scientific truths, and surely there remains much that we do not know for certain, according to science.  Thankfully, as conscious creatures, part of this 14 billion year unfolding beautiful experiment called Life, our personal experiences can serve as testimony for truths of the universe yet to be unveiled by laboratory science.  Just so, sometimes you might notice you have a bunch of awesome “coincidences,” and without being able to scientifically explain it, you brush them off as mere chance.  Of course, even scientists would suggest that ultimately the coincidences can be explained, because everything is ultimately governed by law.

You might find it very difficult to use scientific reason to explain how exactly your “coincidences” occurred, but plenty of people, such as myself, might point you towards The Strangest Secret to explain.  Essentially, the idea is that our thoughts create reality, but it might be a while before scientists fully get their beakers and test tubes around this one.  Until then, the field of neuroscience is making tremendous headway on discovering why the Buddha was totally legitimized in his peaceful sitting, and how meditation, or the act of simply thinking positive thoughts, has all kinds of great benefits on health and well-being.

Meanwhile, let’s continue along this journey and maybe a marvel a bit more and celebrate this moment!  After all, we made it to Here & Now!!!


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