If You Want More in Your Life, Make Some Space for It!

(For the record, I write this as much for myself as for you, beautiful reader 🙂  I am seeking more in life and know that I must make space for it in order to have it.)

We all live full lives.  One way or another, every day, 24 hours passes, and we might say the day is finished.  Over the course of the day, we do hundreds of different activities, but how many of those activities really move us in the direction of experiencing greater health, happiness, peace, joy, success, and fulfillment?  How many of those activities move us in the direction of realizing our ideals more fully?  Earl Nightingale defined success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, so whenever we are working towards the realization of our worthy ideal, we are successful.  If we are not working towards its realization, you might say that we are failing.  There is no neutral.

What is one activity that you could practice each day that would definitely move you in the direction of realizing your ideal and living a more abundant, joyous, and fulfilling life?  We can all think of activities we’d like to do more of and that would definitely help us realize more fully our own vision of the Good Life.

If you have an activity in mind, great!  It could be exercising, meditating, reading, writing, thinking positively, talking with people, volunteering, gardening, walking, laughing, listening to or playing music, etc. etc., so forth and so on.  All kinds of activities may very well move you in the direction of more completely living the life you desire most.

So, go do it!  But wait.  First, if you can, make some space.  You have to give to receive.  To put it another way, you have to fast so that you can feast.  And to put it even another way,  as the classic American film Transformers would tell you, “No sacrifice, no victory.”  Do you get the picture?

Before you start doing whatever wonderful activity you’ve decided on that will truly enhance the quality of your life and move you in the direction of progressively realizing your worthy ideal…make some space!

Decide on what you will give so that you can receive the space and time to enjoy your new activity.  Where will it fit into your schedule, and what will it replace?

See Yourself as a Business

If you’d like, you can imagine yourself as a business, each activity you perform is a process of your business.  Taking an inventory of your daily processes can be very helpful.  What processes are not really adding that much value to your life?  What processes can you perform more efficiently?  What processes would you like to focus more on?  What processes can you eliminate to make room for processes that will add tremendous value to your life?

By reading this, you’ve already invested some time in thinking.  Ahh yes, thinking – what a glorious gift!  Now that you’ve invested some thought, why not invest a little more and think of an activity you’d like to start practicing in your daily life, and then decide on an activity that you’ll stop practicing or reduce in volume to make room for this new, beneficial, life-enhancing process.

You are the CEO of You!

We are always free to cut out some of the fat in our lives.  First, we must identify the fat, recognize it for what it really is, admit and accept that it adds little to no value to our lives, and replace it with something that is healthier and more nutritious for the body, mind, and soul.


One thought on “If You Want More in Your Life, Make Some Space for It!

  1. This is very wise, Brad. How hard it is to cut off some things that are unnecessary. And yet we have to do it…. for the Greater Good 🙂

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