The Law of Authenticity

“The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.”

I’ve been reading The Go-Giverrecently, a wonderful book written by Bob Burg and John David Mann, and the Law of Authenticity is the 4th of 5 laws to, as they call it, stratospheric success.  The primary emphasis of the book, as you might expect from the title, is giving.  The more we give for the simple joy of giving, the more we’ll inevitably receive.  But really, the key, as The Go-Giver suggests, is giving without any expectation of return.  You just give because you love to give!

Pondering the law of authenticity, I thought this morning about what it means to give the gift of yourself.  How can I give the gift of myself?

Ultimately, I don’ think the gift of myself is any different than the gift of anybody giving themselves.  When we give the self as a gift, we’re essentially giving our essence.  The essence of all of us is the same – whether you call it Love or the Human Spirit or Pure Consciousness – it’s in all of us, and it’s so great when we tune into it.  Of course, we can only tune into it in the present moment, just as we can only give ourselves as a gift in the present.  Ha, giving the gift of presence in the present – that’s too cool to just be a coincidence.

The gift of ourselves is the gift of our essence, or the gift of our presence in the present.  To be with someone in the present moment is a wonderful gift.  Having let go of the past and detaching yourself from the future, you can be present, focused and engaging in the reality of Here & Now. In the present moment, there are no judgments.  There are no worries.  There is just awareness.  With awareness, we can listen.  With awareness, the emphasis shifts from doing to being.

Imagine spending time with a person without any thought of the past or the future.  Just thinking, “Nowhere to go, nothing to do.”  Just being in the flow.  What a gift!




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