Get to know Yourself! Self-Knowledge is the Best Knowledge

Whatever is your own personal truth, cherish it.  Whatever makes you feel best, do that.  Spend time to get to know yourself.  Discovering your own personal truths can be a source of great strength.

Do you know what you love to do more than anything else? Is there a single activity, a single verb even, that you’d be willing to commit 3 hours a day to for the rest of your life?  What would you want to do for 10,000 hours to achieve the level of mastery?

If this is your last day on earth, how would you live it?  Are you sure that it’s not?

If you could meet and talk with 3 people from any time period, – past, present, or future – who would you choose?  What ideas and values do these people represent for you? What questions would you ask them?

Even if no one will force you to ever do one activity for 3 hours a day for the rest of your life, and if you’re lucky enough that today isn’t your last day on earth, and you might not get to meet those people…it’s always good to know the answer.. Scout’s motto – be prepared!  You never know what mystery boxes the universe might send your way.

The mind is incredible powerful.  Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  His statement has yet to be validated by science, although he’s essentially addressing the idea of the infinite potential and possibility of us all.  Likewise, Einstein said, “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attraction.”  The greater we can connect with our passion and deepest desires in the mind, the more we can fulfill those desires in the world.

The best kind of knowledge, as far as I’m concerned, is and will always be self-knowledge.   Think about it.  If you know what makes you happy, what you love to do, who you love to spend time with and what you’re looking for in a relationship, you can then go confidently forth in that direction.  Self-knowledge empowers us with purpose.  When we know what we want, we can begin to move in that direction, and almost assuredly – with enough persistence, dogged endurance, and a bit of resilience – we’ll become and achieve whoever and whatever we desire.

This morning I read about living backwards in time. (Courtesy of Deepak Chopra in The Way of the Wizard)  Essentially, the idea goes like this.  Imagine your absolutely ideal future.   This can include the qualities you possess as an individual, physical possessions, people around you, what you are doing, where you are, and whatever else your infinite imagination can dream up.  When you can vividly imagine this ideal of yours, you’ll likely begin to feel your heart more or perhaps a bit of energy running through your arms and shoulders and head.

You’ll begin to feel as if you already are living in that ideal state.  And, ultimately, the best part of fulfilling any ideal is that feeling that you experience every moment.  So really, you might as already be living your ideal!

If you can hold the image in your mind and feel it in your heart, then your ideal future is already becoming very real for you.  Now, with the good feeling that you’ve experienced by focusing on your ideal, you can go forth in the direction of realizing that ideal, keeping that feeling with you as best you can.  If you ever lose touch with the season, just re-connect with your ideal with that magnificent mind and heart of yours.

Remember – happiness is a journey, not a destination.  Every step of the way towards realizing your ideal is just as awesome as finally fulfilling it.  Enjoy the journey, and keep that feeling with you as though your ideal is already real.  It is real inside you.  Now the fun is making it even more real in the world so that all can share the joy of the dream with you 🙂

p.s.  One of my favorite activities to do is pretend I am making the  famous “I have a dream” speech, adapting it to my own personal dream, all the while doing my best to speak with as much enthusiasm as Dr. King.  When you let yourself be filled with the same spirit Dr. King spoke with, some of your deepest desires and grandest dreams will likely reveal themselves to you.


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