Power Words, Mantras, Triggers, etc.

As I prepare to venture beyond my home in Cincinnati, I’ve spent a fair amount time perusing old notebooks.

At the top of one page in a notebook I wrote, “I desire…” and then proceeded to fill the page.  One of my desires has recently been fulfilled.  Answering, “I desire…,” I wrote, “a singular word that always fills me with enthusiasm and abundant energy whenever I say or think of it.”

Essentially, the desire was for an instantaneous energy boost just by thinking about one particular word / idea / concept.

In the past, words like Peace, Love, Joy, Reverence, and strangely –  zero -have supplied with tremendous energy.  And, honestly, I’m sure they still will if I use them again, however I find greatest success with these sorts of power words and ideas when I keep them fresh, changing them up every few weeks or months depending on how I’m feeling.

Currently, the mantra that’s been supplying me with abundant smiles and energy is the word Rama. I originally became acquainted with the word in a book about Gandhi, in which it’s translated to mean something like, “God loves you.  God blesses you.  God is with you.”  If that isn’t powerful enough, more recently I read in a book on Bhakti Yoga that Rama symbolizes joy in the spiritual journey.  Needless to say, the word Rama surges with significance for me.

How about you, o friendly reader?  Do you have any words, ideas, or perhaps people that invigorate you?  Are there any mantras or phrases you repeat that bring you strength and courage?  Would love to hear about whatever you’d like to share 🙂



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